Should Spectators Who Do Not Have Any Tie to a Case Be Allowed to Sit in the Courtroom During the Trial?

Alex Falconi, Administrator at Our Nevada Judges (2014-present)

Yes, and Judge Judy explains the reasons as to why better than anyone else ever could. The privacy concerns individual litigants have are outweighed by the incompetence that pervades the entirety of the judicial system. She advocates for cameras not only in criminal and ordinary civil proceedings, but also domestic relations matters involving children. She understands that children have privacy concerns, but the judiciary has become so incompetent as to how they rule on child issues that she feels cameras need to be in the courtroom so that the public can be more aware as to what is going on.

In her own words, “political hacks” and “morons” are being “appointed” to preside over the Family Divisions of the various courts (at least in New York).