Tacos & Tequila Now at Palace Station

Tacos & Tequila is great! This fabulous Mexican restaurant which used to be on the second floor of the Luxor has now reopened at Palace Station. I went last night for a tasting, and the nine of us sampled quite a few items. 

Drinks started with a mojito, and Top Shelf margaritas in our group. I then switched to a strawberry agave mojito but there certainly were a lot of flavored cocktails I would have liked to try, like the pineapple or the peach—all refreshingly mixed and super cold which I really enjoyed.

Out came a basket of freshly baked chips with both a medium and a spicy sauce. Next was a giant plate of nachos, and then a tasting of smothered French fries.  Doesn’t quite seem Mexican, does it? But, it was good. Shrimp tacos arrived, along with beef, chicken and vegetable ones—very tasty with just the correct amount of spices and onions.  

There is plenty on the menu to choose from, including pulled chicken or pork carnitas, Chile rellenos, chicken, fish, or beef burritos. The carne asada was done to perfection.  

I love the look of the room, decorated with murals of Mexican photos and the atmosphere was just right, no loud talking people at other tables or super loud music. With enchiladas, soups, and salads, you can find something for even someone who isn’t crazy about Mexican food. Ask for extra peppers if your taste buds can take it. 

Desserts were a terrific flan and sugared churros with vanilla ice cream. So glad to see this place reopen as it was always filled with happy customers at the Luxor. 

Prices are medium, no surprises here. Located in the food court by the sports book, they are open from 11-11.