The Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Technologies

The saying that everything that has advantages also has disadvantages holds, as far as technology is concerned. While technology is in every field and industry in the modern world and helps to cause positive change, it also has its downside. 

There’s no field where technology isn’t used today, especially as we’re in a much more technological world than we were ten years ago. This advancement in technology across all fields has made work easier for us. However, it has also come at the expense of one thing or the other. 

Some of these disadvantages affect us as much as the advantages. This is why we need to know both the good and bad of technology, and the influence it has on our business and its growth, both positive and negative. Being informed reduces the risk of technology usage and allows us to be successful and make informed business decisions.

Here are some of the advantages of technology for business growth.

  • Quick communication

Communication is an essential part of business growth. Communication across all levels from the top to the bottom of the organization’s hierarchy cannot be understated. It is also crucial that you regularly communicate with your clients and prospects to generate the needed revenues. Thanks to technology, we have different means to reach out to customers, prospects, clients, and investors. If you need to hold video calls, there are numerous online video calling services such as Skype that you can use. This helps your organization save money and time in many ways. The organization’s employees can also communicate among themselves using online chatting services to make work easier and faster.

  • Data storage

Data storage is an essential part of the business. It has become out of date to store data in physical files in the offices. This is because it is more error-prone and the fact that it requires too much space. With the introduction of technology, businesses can now store their data and information on their PC. It’s easier to find a date on your computer than going through physical documents, so this saves office space and time sorting documents. It is also possible to save information online through Cloud services, and you can retrieve them to your smartphone, tablet, and computer once you connect them to the internet.

  • Staff hiring

Hiring staff is more straightforward in today’s world due to the use of technology. We have numerous social network platforms and websites where it is easy to find people with sufficient skills required for your business. It’s also possible to hold interviews remotely through video calling platforms such as Skype. Also, most brands now have websites that make them more visible to clients and prospective staff. So if they have job vacancies within their organizations, they can place such announcements on their website. Technology also makes it easy to sort out different CVs and applications and ensures that you choose the right candidate.

  • Staff monitoring

To monitor your staff’s work, you can add cameras at different angles of the office complex. There are also numerous tools that you can use to monitor your employees’ performance and make sure that everyone is performing optimally.

  • Online marketing

The fastest way to grow your business in today’s world is through the internet. Many businesses have expanded and boosted their reputation online. This allows them to connect with their audience and generate more revenue. Brands can advertise themselves on various platforms to increase their visibility. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are also used to promote and grow businesses.

Disadvantages of business technology

As mentioned earlier, the use of technology in business also has disadvantages. Here are a few of those:

  • Online socializing and distraction

If strict measures are not taken, technology can be a distraction to the growth of the business. Social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are very addictive and can distract the employees, waste their time, and make them less productive.

  • Lack or loss of employee talent

The use of software to complete daily tasks is a significant advantage of business technology. However, this will lead to employees losing some of their basic talents and abilities. They won’t be able to grow their minds with daily activities as they are stuck with the use of computers and software to complete their daily routine. For instance, employees that spend all day communicating online and replying to emails might find it challenging to hold face-to-face conversations because that will require more communication skills than they are used to.

  • Expensive machines

It is impossible to talk about the use of technology in business without mentioning the use of machines and other tools. While they come in handy, they are also costly and capital-intensive.

  • Online dependence

Many businesses depend mostly on the internet for their work and require a stable internet connection. This means that any little problem with their internet connectivity will affect their productivity and might stop their work for as long as the problem persists. Also, storing files on the computer means that once the computer develops a problem, the files might become inaccessible, which also affects their work. This over-dependence on the internet and technology will then be detrimental. This is why your employees should know how to go about their daily work without an internet connection.

  • Data security

Data security is a big issue in the internet age. Businesses require data and information from their customers to successfully run and improve their business. However, many hackers on the internet are looking to steal this data for their personal use. Once a security breach happens, the business’s reputation goes downhill, and it costs a huge sum of money. This is one of the problems of technology in business. Ensuring strong data security is a must. However, your employees might also be capable of leaking important business information as well.


Business technologies are crucial in the age that we are in and have many advantages. However, it has its disadvantages which aren’t talked about enough. 

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