1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival in the Midwest

1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival in the Midwest

Presented by Island Mid Fest, LLC

Hosted by Radio Personality Guy Wewe and Recording Artist Kitcat

April 22, 2023 — Island Mid Fest, LLC announced its 1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival in the Midwest, a one-day event to help promote education, job opportunities, and social well-being services.

The 1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival takes place on Saturday, May 13, 2023, from 11 AM EST – 10:30 PM EST at Military Park at White River, 601 West New York Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Hosted by radio personality and social media influencer Guy Wewe and Haitian Recording artist Kitcat.

The Island Mid Fest, LLC founder James Cabral’s main objective with the 1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival is to bridge all communities to serve as one humanity. The primary goal is to help society and share essential qualities to aid together the Haitian Community and all Islanders throughout the Midwest.

In addition, the 1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival provides an opportunity to share the mission of James Cabral of establishing a future for the communities, with support from the attendees and sponsors, to help bring awareness and resources to the festival. It further provides the opportunity to secure permission from the public, sponsors, and local government with onsite job fairs, art, educational outlets, and a host of added opportunities that benefit the community’s exigencies.

The Island Mid Fest has scheduled a top-notch lineup of famous national top Caribbean recording artists & bands, national comedic influences, mainstream radio, and live streaming through significant streaming networks for its 1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival. In addition to headliner rapper Rick Ross, the festival will feature performances by Kreyol La, Boukman Eksperyans, Blondedy Ferdinand, Rhodah, Djakout #1, Gabel, Baz La, K-Dila, and Bedjine.

“We are thrilled to have Rick Ross as the musical headliner for the 1st Multi-Cultural Music Festival,” said founder James Cabral. “Headliner Rick Ross is one of the most popular rap artists in the world, and we know that our fans will love seeing them perform live.”

Furthermore, the Kids Hub Multi-Cultural Music Festival will create an entertaining and safe atmosphere for Kids of all ages, with some enjoyable kid-friendly activities, such as Amazing Face Painting for All • Bouncy House • Culture Dance Session, • Cotton Candy Machine.

The Island Mid Fest Multi-Cultural Music Festival amplifies to help small businesses attain their marketing reach with the strategic support of promotion that will generate awareness of sponsors and event partners. In addition, the most popular and highest-rated mainstream Caribbean Television, Radio, and Digitally will be participating. The goal is to increase sales and market share within the Caribbean Community in the Midwest Region.

The Island Mid Fest Multi-Cultural Music Festival grants the perfect opportunity to demonstrate commitment and goodwill to the community’s well-being while strengthening the relationship with various communities through arts, food, music, and culture. Tickets price $5 – $40 available by visiting www.Islandmidfest.com

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