3 Ways to Fix Crooked Teeth

Even though misaligned teeth are very common among kids and people of all ages, we can all agree that these can be quite unattractive and unflattering. These can negatively affect your self-esteem and self-image, but you know what? There are ways to fix that problem with success! Here are the three best solutions to make it happen, so check them out and find the best one that’ll work for you! 

Wear a retainer

Retainers are a quite popular solution for fixing problems such as a single crooked tooth or minor tooth gaps. Needless to say, your retainer will be designed specifically for you. It’s because it needs to target your particular problem. Getting used to the retainer will probably take a few days, so don’t be afraid if you notice that it slightly affects your speech or causes you to produce more saliva.

The best thing about a retainer is that you can remove it while eating and brushing your teeth. It isn’t the case with other options such as metal and ceramic braces, which is a huge advantage. When you keep it in your box, remember that it should be moist enough so that it doesn’t crack. It’s good to know that wearing a retainer is obligatory after you finish wearing braces, too. So, if you have a minor problem with a crooked tooth or a small gap, a retainer will probably be the perfect choice for you!

Go for metal braces…

On the other hand, if you have a big problem with crooked teeth, you should definitely go for metal braces. Apart from the crooked teeth, these can also fix overbites, underbites, and crossbites. Of course, it’s essential to consult with your orthodontist before you make a final decision. They will help you figure out the best type of braces for your particular problem. The price depends on factors such as the amount of work that needs to be done and whether you have an insurance plan that will cover the cost. 

As for the traditional metal braces, these are made from high-grade stainless steel. Your orthodontist will use special glue to attach the metal brackets to each tooth. A thin archwire will then connect the brackets and get attached to them with elastic ligatures. This type of structure will put pressure on your teeth and move them into a straight position over time. So, if you have a huge problem with crooked teeth, don’t wait any longer and discuss metal braces with your orthodontist! 

… Or for ceramic braces

Apart from the metal braces, there are also ceramic braces that are a great choice when it comes to fixing crooked teeth. Contrary to metal ones, ceramic braces also go by the name of aesthetic braces. This is because they come in two variants: clear or the colour of your teeth. It makes them far less visible and prominent than their metal counterparts. It’s a great thing for all the people who would feel insecure and self-conscious about wearing traditional metal braces.

It is good to know that metal braces and ceramic ones basically work in the same way. The straightening process is the same as with the metal brackets. However, bear in mind that ceramic brackets are prone to breakage and staining, which is not the case with metal ones. Of course, nothing bad will happen if you make sure to take proper care of your ceramic braces. Besides that, these are a bit more expensive than metal braces. 

As you can tell, there are many great ways to fix your crooked teeth. These three undoubtedly are the best ones. Of course, your final choice should depend on your personal needs and preferences, so keep that in mind as well. Just be sure to take all factors into consideration and you’ll do a great job!

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash