4 Reasons to Update Your Policy

So, you’ve bought a home, and you’re protecting it with a great insurance policy. But hold up — that doesn’t mean you’re finished.

Your home is probably your biggest investment. That’s why you have homeowner’s insurance in the first place, right?

But let’s face it: A lot can happen while you live there. So how can you be sure your insurance still matches your changing needs?

If you’ve done any of the following, check to make sure your policy is still protecting you and your property.

You installed a new security system.

An alarm system doesn’t just give you peace of mind. It makes your insurance carrier rest a little easier, too. Today’s home monitoring systems can quickly detect a fire, water leak or break-in.

Because of that, you could earn a discount on your premium if you install one.

You renovated your home.

Have you upgraded your home recently? Creating that kitchen or master suite of your dreams almost definitely increases your home’s value, which is excellent news. Just remember to alert your insurance agent so your coverage limits match the new value.

You bought or sold an expensive item.

Don’t forget about your possessions. If you’ve bought or sold a valuable item (like artwork or jewelry) make sure to let your insurance company know.

Taking a valuable item off your policy could lower your premium, but you also want to make sure new valuables are adequately insured.

You brought home a new pet.

Congratulations! Just be sure to tell your carrier about the new addition to your household. It would be even better if you check in with them before you bring a pet home. You don’t want to be fully liable if any accidents happen.

Your premium might not even be affected. It’s just better to keep your insurance agent in the loop.

Still renting? Now that you know how to protect your property the right way, reach out to start searching for a home.

Nicole Kasten Licensed Broker Associate COLFAX REALTY GROUP