4 Steps to Achieve Your 2020 Vision


Yes, it’s that time of year again where most people will make their New Year’s resolutions. Sadly, most people don’t reach them because they give up quickly and revert to their old ways.

The good news is that if you are actively setting goals, that’s a great start. Studies show that only 80% of the population even set one. The top performers are consistently setting, achieving, and re-setting new goals. This is an important habit for all successful people.

This is the year to become more focused and committed to achieving your aspirations. You must have 2020 vision in this area to have success.

Your goals should encourage you to work hard, learn new skills, and make you step outside of your comfort zone so you can achieve them. Your focus should be on challenging yourself.

In 2020, let me encourage you to make a commitment to not only set goals but also achieve them. In order to do this, you have to have a plan in place. Here are some steps that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

1) Write Out Detailed Goals

Writing out your goals is necessary and will help you make them come to life. While you are writing out these objectives, make sure they are very specific.

I know that we are in the electronic age and everyone likes to use the computer. Let’s go old-school and write out each goal on a piece of paper. You will find that it is very empowering to see your ambitions written down in your hand writing. While you are writing, instead of starting out each sentence with “I want to,” change that to “I will.” Making a commitment is the difference between having a dream or having a goal.

2) Develop a Success Plan

Rather than focusing on the outcome, get more focused on the process. The process is what creates the outcome.

Goals are important but it’s even more important to make a plan to achieve them. By doing this, you have a clear strategy to make your goals come to fruition.

3) Have a Clear Vision

This is where the 2020 vision comes in. It’s important that you have a vision board. You need images that will show your goal as complete. By continually seeing your goals completed, this will remind you of the importance of achieving them.

Visualize yourself as a champion, visualize yourself as a winner. Look at your vision board regularly. This keeps you focused and it gives you 2020 vision which makes you committed to achieving your goals.

4) Go for It

This is your year, it’s your time. If you really want your goals to be achieved, it is important that you have all the steps but understand that this is going to take a full commitment. There will be days when you struggle and there will be obstacles. There will be challenges. Keep in mind, you have 2020 vision. You are focused, you are committed 100% to achieving your goals and you are not looking back. Make the commitment and no matter what, never ever give up!

Keep focused and have a fantastic week!


Regional Sales Manager RMSNPC


Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash