6 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using THC Vape Pens

You can find THC vape pens almost anywhere these days. They’re a convenient way to get your daily dose of weed, and they’re becoming increasingly popular with cannabis users who want something simpler than smoking a joint or a bong. But just because they’re widely available doesn’t mean everyone should start using THC vape pens. It would help to be careful about how you use them, so you don’t experience any adverse effects from their use. If you are planning to buy or use one of these devices, this article will discuss things you need to know before diving in.

How To Use A THC Vape Pen?

Vape pens are one of the most prevalent ways to consume cannabis. They’re small, portable devices that look like a USB stick, but instead of a USB cable, they have a coil that can be filled with cannabis oil or dried flowers (or both). When you inhale, the coil heats up and releases a vapor you can inhale into your lungs.

Vape pens are easy to use – fill the device with cannabis, screw on the mouthpiece, and take a drag. You’re ready to go if your vape pen has a temperature control setting. Like any other type of vaporizer, some people prefer vapes over joints or edibles because the effects take less time to kick in. THC vape pens also allow for stealthy consumption because it’s difficult to tell when someone is smoking from a vape pen. Finally, vape pens can be discreet and come in different colors, so there are various options for anyone who wants to enjoy their herb in privacy.

6 Things To Avoid While Using THC Vape Pens

1.  Be Aware Of The Battery Life Of Your THC Vape Pen

Most vape pens have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which you can fully charge in just a few hours. But these batteries have a limited lifespan, and they often cannot perform as they did when they were new. This is especially the case when you overcharge or overuse your battery. First, you’ll notice that the charge time will increase. After a few charges, the battery cannot hold a charge at all. When this happens, you’ll need to buy a new battery. When it comes to how to use your battery best, it’s a good idea to charge it before your first use entirely. After that, you should charge it for 3-4 hours. While charging, it’s best to unplug the device when it’s done so that you don’t overcharge it.

2.  Don’t Hold the Breath While Vaporizing

When people are new to vaping, they often try to hold their breath to increase the intensity of the high. This might be something you’ve heard about with weed in particular, but it’s a bad idea to hold your breath while vaping. You’re slowing down the vaporization process when you do so. This will result in a lower-quality hit and reduced THC absorption, and it could lead to a little bit of coughing. Instead, breathe while you inhale on the THC vape pen.

3.  Be Careful About Which THC Vape Pen You Buy

Although they’ve become trendy, not all THC vape pens are created equal. Some of the ones you’ll find online may not be made with the safest materials. Most vape pen manufacturers are beholden to the same FDA regulations for food products. This means that vape pens fall under the same jurisdiction as e-cigarettes. Refrain from assuming you’re buying a quality pen because it’s widely available. Be sure to research the materials that a given THC vape pen is made from before you buy it. If you don’t, you could end up with something that contains harmful chemicals like lead, cadmium, or nickel.

4.  Take Breaks Between Hits

It’s not uncommon for people new to vaping to take multiple hits in a row before they even realize that they’ve had their first hit. This can lead to dizziness, fogginess, and cottonmouth for many people. If you’re vaping THC in particular, this can also lead to you taking too high a dose. To avoid these issues, you should take breaks between hits.

5.  Check For Signs Of Tolerance Build-Up

You may have already built up a bit of a tolerance to THC, but you don’t know it. This is something that most people worry about as they get more and more frequent users of cannabis. To know whether or not you’ve built up a tolerance to THC, you’ll need to take a break from it for a few weeks. After the break, you can decide if you can use THC vape pens again or if you need to return to a lower dose. While it’s always a good idea to be mindful of your tolerance level, it’s more important if you’re vaping. You’re exposing your lungs to more THC than inhalation by smoking a joint or bong, which means you’re at a more significant risk of suffering adverse effects.

6.  Don’t Use High-Potency Vape Pens If You’re New To Cannabis

If you’re a cannabis newbie, it’s best to avoid using high-potency THC vape pens. Even if you’re a more experienced cannabis user, it’s a good idea to avoid doing so, and using high-THC vape pens when new to cannabis can lead to cannabis-induced anxiety, paranoia, or even panic attacks. For the best experience, you should start with a THC vape pen that is relatively low in potency. This will allow you to get used to the effects of cannabis without feeling too overwhelmed.


When it comes to something as potent as THC, there’s no such thing as too much caution. You should treat cannabis with the same respect as alcohol or hard drugs. If you’re new to cannabis, you should use low-THC vape pens until you get the hang of things. After that, you can use higher-potency THC vape pens as you get more comfortable with cannabis. Ensure you’re careful about using them so you don’t experience any adverse side effects.

*Photo credits: Pixabay.com