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Radioactive — Movie Review

Radioactive may not be the best depiction of Madame Curie’s life, but it’s very close and extremely relatable. Even with its flaws I highly recommend catching this film on Amazon Prime.

Child’s Play — Movie Review

Chucky is back, rebooted, refitted for today’s generation. Gone is Brad Dourif’s wonderfully sinister voice...

Poms — Movie Review

On TheMovieGuys.net, when I write or talk about a movie I didn’t care for, it’s rarely from a place of straight vitriol.

Creed II — Movie Review

Creed II is Hollywood entertainment of the highest order. A tense and exciting sports picture with equal focus on character.

Poetry and Film Criticism Together Again in New Cinema Stanzas Book

Conifer, CO (August 23, 2019) – “I blame director Robert Altman and tap dancing for my journey into the mysterious world of poetry,”

Hitting the Apex

Most importantly, you learn about the brilliant, deeply moving excellence of this life. I would give this masterful documentary five stars for all the reasons above. My only critique is that I enjoyed it so much I found the 138 minutes too short.

Interview with Maverick Japanese Filmmaker Yuki Otsuka

He has been involved in the production of numerous international films and co-productions, including "Black Rain (1989)." His movie "Peach (1998)" received rave reviews at international film festivals in Los Angeles, Moscow, and Sochi and was invited to be screened at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

“In Search of Dracula” by Raymond T. McNally & Radu Florescu

The reading portion of this investigation was my favorite part, and the book that stands out is In Search of Dracula. McNally’s and Florescu’s book is a treasure trove of information.

Spiritual Cyphers: Hip Hop and the Church

Unpacking the late 1980s-90s through research and interviews with pastors, historians, artists, and pioneering women hip-hop dance artists, the film explores the burgeoning industry of Hip Hop and its challenge for acceptance within the Church.

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

Published in 1962, A Clockwork Orange might soon have been forgotten had it not been made into a celebrated and notorious Stanley Kubrick movie.



“Groove Master’s Resilience: Jerry Jemmott, Grammy-Winning Bassist, Triumphs Over Trauma to...

Jerry Jemmott, a two-time Grammy Award-winning bass guitarist, is a crucial architect of the iconic Atlantic Records sound that defined the 1960s and 1970s....