AREA 15 Keeps Adding Things to Do!

Art in Motion at AREA15. (Photo: Laurent Velazquez)

The opening of AREA15 is one of the great new adventure, fun, and out-of-this-world places to visit in Las Vegas.  Filled with plenty of art, entertainment, dining, and a great new “grocery store” Omega Mart. Axe throwing, zip line, miniature golf, Wink World—new venues inside are opening weekly.  The new art gallery Meow Wolf, imported from its original location in Santa Fe, brings us Omega Mart, a 52,000-square foot exhibit that plays fast and loose with a superstore concept. (Absolutely crazy items!) 

Try the great restaurant Oddwood, or the soon to open Tod English’s The Beast.  AREA15 has plans to open Lost Spirits (an interactive distillery tour), Emporium (a combination of  arcade games with booze), and Five Iron Golf (a golf simulator along with a full bar).  They have viewing parties for football or hockey games, great outside venues for numerous events, videos, and interactive things to try.

You can’t go wrong by visiting AREA15. Also on board is their Valentine’s Dinner, I can’t recommend enough.