Yes, the world-acclaimed Boozy Skunkton will welcome guests to their show at the Venetian Resort.

Who is Boozy Skunton you ask?  Well come and find out.  This is a wild and wacky show set in the silent years of a long-ago west.  Boozy bought her first hotel which was acquired by the government as an atomic bomb test site. 

Now Boozy has returned with her crazy, wild, sexy, and amoral troupe of entertainers and is going to create the greatest saloon show the world has ever seen.  There are acrobats, comics, and variety acts which will take you back to the Wild Wild West. 

UK’s leading newspapers award this show five stars, where it had a month-long run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  This “rodeo is on steroids.”  Located at the Waterfall Atrium inside the Venetian Resort on the 2nd level.  At the end of the gondola canal.   Monday and Tuesday at 8, Dark on Wednesday, Thursday thru Sunday both 7 and 9 p.m.  The show is 70 minutes in length and attendees must be 16 and up.