Blackout Dining in the Dark


BLACKOUT- “dining in the dark”, a fantastic and one-of-a-kind restaurant in Las Vegas. With all the high-end, ethnic, and celebrity chef places, no one else has ventured out into this market. It is a totally new concept in Las Vegas, though there are a few with the same idea around the country. BLACKOUT opened in 2017 on the west side in a small but perfect spot for 50 patrons. It is a 7-course culinary journey of your senses in complete darkness.

Did you ever think what it would be like to taste, indulge, smell, and feel your meal without actually seeing what is served? Can you tell what you are eating by guessing a new flavor on your palette, one that is familiar but you must wonder if you are right?

BLACKOUT is totally different than anything you have experienced before. The lobby is highly appealing, and they have lockers for your personal belongings. Therefore, no cheating with cell phone photos in the dining room. You are asked if you have any food allergies or preferences as you won’t know what is being served.

With a prix-fixe mystery menu dinner, that will change seasonally, it is for adults and wheelchair accessible. Each course has been beautifully designed to awaken your senses and keep you guessing. The wait staff who are wonderfully friendly are equipped with night vision goggles, and will guide and assist you to your table. They will then introduce you to your new “dark” environment. 

Owners of this place are Rachel and Avi Levi, who originally opened Design & Dine “Eat, Drink Paint”, which allowed guests to eat while doing art. They were so successful that they have moved up with BLACKOUT. “Our sense of sight is so dominated that once we no longer have it, all other senses become much more intense; the way we smell, touch and taste our food is a totally new experience,” says Rachel.

Reservations are strong, be sure to make one. BLACKOUT is a fabulous spot for wedding parties, friend nights, corporate events, and of course date nights. Even bringing mom and dad to BLACKOUT will be a remembrance.

3871 S. Valley view Blvd. Ste 8 — 5 and 7 p.m. seatings. 702-960-4000