Bugsy & Meyer Steakhouse to Open at the Flamingo

Can’t wait for the opening of the new BUGSY & MEYER STEAKHOUSE in the Flamingo. Taking over the former Center Cut space, which is right across from the wildlife park, this is a very large venue. There is an ongoing $10 million dollar investment and it should be open by spring.

With a definite “mob” feel in decorating, there will be a private bar and lounge in the back. Featuring a lot of steakhouse classics, you can book a party in one of three private dining rooms.

Photo Courtesy of Studio K

Why am I so excited?  Because my good friend Meyer Lansky, grandson of Meyer who actually headed up the mob, is a consultant. He will be adding a touch of old-time glamour, contributing some of his grandfather’s items. The real thing is hard to find unless you go to the Mob Museum downtown.

*Image Courtesy of Getty

There will be a “fake” entrance thru a look-a-like bakery, past a meat cooler dry aging the meat, and into a dining room. Feel like you might be having dinner in Casino or the Goodfellas movies? You never know who else will show up on any given night. We’ll keep you posted on the actual opening date.  

*Image Courtesy of Studio K

*Top image courtesy of Getty