Beginning Steps to Building Wealth

When it comes to building wealth, it’s all about having a plan.

Opportunity Is Knocking

I heard an expression many, many years ago that always made me chuckle

I Want To Get WASTED

I know what you’re thinking. This is supposed to be motivation?

Keys to Maximizing Your Potential

We all have heard the statement “This guy has a lot of potential,” and it's been mentioned quite a bit with RMS lately.

How Often Do Judges Deliberately Commit Reversible Errors in the United States?

In reflecting on this answer, it is disappointing to me that I cannot give you an answer of “never”.

Why Do We Have Contempt of Court Laws?

There are two types of contempt; that which occurs in the immediate presence of the court, and that which does not. The former is obvious....

How Do You Represent Yourself in a Family Court (Pretrial/Trial)?

I represented myself throughout a highly acrimonious child custody proceeding; if I had to put a percentage on it, I would say I had counsel 5% of the time

30 Day Success Challenge

Many people talk about success, and there are questions that come up as to what are the keys to becoming super successful.

Have You Ever Represented Yourself in Civil Court?

I’ve represented myself through child custody proceedings, appeals, summary eviction proceedings, district court civil actions, justice court civil actions, towing complaints, and certain administrative tribunals.

Tips for Good Financial Stewardship

What a great topic and unfortunately, one that we do not spend enough time on in our industry.



A True Tale of The King of Pop

OUR VACATION WITH MJ A True Tale of The King of Pop Written by Steve Wilburn What would you do if the world’s biggest superstar suddenly invited...