Life Hacks – Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine! Do you laugh daily? If not, you should!!! 

3 Tips To Sell Like the Best

I look around at the varying backgrounds of people in our industry, and they come from all different places

Consistent Discipline is the Key

A positive attitude is extremely important in achieving long-term success, along with knowing exactly what you want.

3 Ways to Keep Your Focus Positive

Whatever you are focusing on, that’s what you will become.

Retriever Success Formula

I want to start out today by saying that I truly believe in you.

The Power of Positive Thinking and Your Success

It’s about your thought process. Success doesn't always go to the strongest woman or man. Sooner or later, success comes to those who believe in themselves. 

7 Steps to Help You Stay Motivated

The bottom line is, in order to stay motivated you have to keep your eyes focused on THE WHY. Remember why you are doing what you are doing.

Freedom and Opportunity: Look for the Good in this Country

Be thankful for the opportunities we have here in America. Take advantage of them and work hard so your family can be blessed.

How Often Do Judges Deliberately Commit Reversible Errors in the United States?

In reflecting on this answer, it is disappointing to me that I cannot give you an answer of “never”.

Winning the Super Bowl of Life

This past week, I had the wonderful blessings of attending the Super Bowl with some great friends.



Marshall Tucker Band and Clint Black Added to Laughlin Event Center

Laughlin is only a 90-minute drive from Las Vegas—there are the donkeys of Oakman, along with numerous other things to do while you are there.