4 Steps to Achieve Your 2020 Vision

This is the year to become more focused and committed to achieving your aspirations.

Commit to Excellence

There is much more to life than just being average; you did not wake up this morning just to be average.

Credit Checks: The good, the Bad, and the Just Don’t Go There

With white-collar crime estimated to cost the U.S. $300 billion annually, a pre-employment credit check should be regarded as a security step for your business.

4 Tips to Become a Better Listener

I am going to dispel a myth about sales.

Use Your Imagination to Achieve Success

In order to have success, you have to imagine yourself becoming successful. This turns your dream into reality, but imagination is way more than just daydreaming.

Time Is Your Capital–Invest it Wisely

I have found for me that time management is all about discipline. The top salespeople learn how to master and incorporate that into their daily routines.

Raise Your Standards in Life

Make the decision to raise your standards in all phases of life and become the very best YOU that you can be. 

Success Involves Taking Risks

Life is short. We have a choice to either take the risks to accomplish great things in life or not take the risk and live with regret.

Essential Steps to Protect Your Business in 2022

We all need to be taking more steps to protect our businesses. As we look ahead to 2022, here are some necessary steps we should all be taking.

Success Through Synthesis Of Science, Business & Music

Have you ever met someone who exemplifies the strength of a successful entrepreneur, combined with integrity, purpose, and the desire to help others?