Illusion of Freedom

I do not excuse evil, but understanding those who fall prey to its lies provided me with the most incredible sensation of freedom I could ever pursue on my own.

TIFF “To Inform Family First”

TIFF, which stands for “To Inform Family First”, provides nationwide law enforcements with who you want to be notified when the unexpected happens. 

“Losing My Leg Was a Gift”

It is with this mindset that 50 Legs gladly provides quality prosthetic legs to children, adults, and military wishing to live an active lifestyle.

Janette Arencibia “Unbridled Benevolence”

Would it not be for our USA service men and women, the likelihood of living in a dictators-run world on a global scale without any peace, full of hatred would, I assure you all, be a reality.

Pathway to a Father’s Heart

Can you hear me through the written word pleading “Go love and hug your dad even if all you will get is a grumpy old man!”?  Do it while you still can!

“Cerebral Tango” Romance According to Bikers

The experience is like “cerebral tango”; a freaking hot, classy, elegant, bold, sexy, fearless, and powerful dance between two souls. 

Femme — Happy Mother’s Day!

For she who is loved deserves to hear it and feel it through the whisperings of kindness both in actions and in words.

Bike Week 2021 No Fear

Bike Week 2021 was a giant statement for freedom, which some disapproved and some loudly proclaimed with joy.

Eagles Slaying Demons

Join Patrick, Dava, and I at Bert’s Barracuda Harley Davidson on November 14, 2020, for the “22-A-Day” event to fight suicide and raise awareness.

KRISTA GROTTE SAXON “Victorious Rage…Magical Tragedy” ©

Krista is a living testimony that rage can be good if we make the effort for ourselves and those we love to truly live fully and victoriously. That even in tragedy, magic can happen.



iLuminate Grand Opens on the Las Vegas Strip

iLuminate performs Wednesdays – Saturdays and Mondays at 10 p.m., and Sundays at 2 p.m. which has been added since I last wrote about them.