Close the Place Down- Episode 3

I remember this well—what a story! Everyone fighting to see who would win in the battle between the Mob and the Gaming Commission. Once again, I had met most of the people involved including Judge Claiborne. 

This podcast is from the Mob Museum and Las Vegas Review Journal. They have done a terrific job on these stories. Be sure to listen to the whole season.

‘Close the Place Down’ | S2E3

June 28, 2021

The Nevada Gaming Commission voted unanimously to close the Aladdin’s mob-controlled gaming floor in August 1979, but colorful federal judge Harry Claiborne ordered it reopened. It was a big blow to both state regulators and federal mob-fighting prosecutors. Everyone was mad. The state had taken away the gaming licenses of the Aladdin’s top executives following their federal convictions in Detroit and fought Claiborne to regain control over the casino. Eventually, an unprecedented feud erupted between federal organized crime prosecutors and Nevada’s two federal judges.

*Photo Credit: By Nancy Claiborne – Claybourn Genealogical Society, CC BY-SA 3.0,