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Cosmo Is Unforgettable–Another “Tail” from the Shelter

Today is Memorial Day, and I woke up feeling grateful to the many brave souls who gave their all so that I can enjoy the liberties of this great country.

It’s a quiet morning, and I am a bit under the weather with a nasty cold. Luckily I have a nice, warm house and can nurture myself until I feel well.

Downstairs I started the wash, and lo and behold, my  40-year-old washing machine gave a gasping yelp and died right in front of my cold-swollen eyes.

It was while sitting at the local fluff and fold laundromat that I  started thinking about little Cosmo.

Untitled 2

He is the last dog I spent time with at the Newland Shelter, and for such a tiny soul, he made a huge impression on me.

I can’t say I walked him because I did not. Rather I sat in his pen and held him while he shook with apprehension. I think that is the only reason this sweet little guy hasn’t been adopted yet. He is terrified!

I held him on my lap, and I could almost hear an audible sigh of relief and  then—the shaking stopped. It was replaced by eyes that looked up at me begging to take him away from the cold, hard, concrete floor and into a  home of his own.

At only one year old, this little man has so much love to offer. He is a cuddler and just wants to be with someone who can look past the fear and into the sweetest eyes, and understand how special he is.

Please offer him a little time. Visit Cosmo at the shelter, and don’t think that just because he is a bit fearful, he wont want to dedicate his life to you and love you every single second.

Cosmo is a treasure, I can see that. Won’t you make the trip and spend some time with him?