El Dorado Cantina Gets 5 Stars

EL DORADO CANTINA RESTAURANT was opened in Las Vegas in 2014. The first one was on Sammy Davis Drive, just west of the strip. Every item on the menu is organic and non -GMO and has truly unique flavors. It is wonderfully popular and always full, and there is a private room in the back for parties. The guacamole is mixed at the table and is the best in town.  

Next up was the one at Tivoli Village on the West side of Las Vegas. Tivoli is filled with great shops and lots of restaurants and micro breweries; I was there Sunday for their new Sunday brunch and it was fabulous. Manager Josh Lane seated us and gave us a brief history of the menu, and brought out Chef Hugo Rodriguez who has been there for years. We opted to let him guide us through all of the new menu items.  


While a band was playing and margaritas flowing at every table, we started with chips, two salsas, and the fresh made guacamole. Next up was a stack of fantastic waffles stuffed with strawberries and whipped cream, a waffle with blueberries, and the most delicious ceviche I have ever tasted—with fantastic, giant pita-like chips. Plenty of shrimp marinated to perfection with peppers and cucumbers. We sampled the chicken enchilada covered in green sauce with rice and beans and chicken enchiladas with mole sauce and rice and fresh cooked spinach; beef quesadilla and both beef and chicken tacos with just the right toppings.  

We could have stayed here for hours but we were quickly reaching the full point. I had a mimosa, which was perfect with the food. Every single item is made fresh daily. At this location they have both a patio in front and a huge patio on the side, all perfect for groups.  

Let me tell you, as someone who dines out in Las Vegas about five nights a week, this is a wonderful place to go. The parking is free and when you are finished dining, I would recommend strolling through the shops. If you want to stay closer to the strip, the one on Sammy Davis drive is just a hop away.

Entrepreneur Darin Feinstein is the founder of this concept. He hopes to expand across the country and keep up his organic, and gmo-free principles at all locations. Every ingredient that he uses is selected based on how he keeps out antibiotics, pesticides and steroids. The decor is pure Mexican flavor, and very authentic. All locations open 24 hours. I’d give this chain a 5-star review.