Ada’s in Tivoli Village

In Vegas? By chance going to the West side? ADA’S is certainly worth a trip for a lovely brunch or lunch. This great French restaurant is in the midst of Tivoli Village, a conglomerate of shops, boutiques, and great dining places.

Lovely Sonia Stelea, General Manager greeted us on Sunday. We started with large mugs, minus handles I should say, of strong coffee and a mimosa. The menu was very appealing, hard to pick what we wanted to try, so we did the next best thing, and sampled numerous items. A loaf of bread with both solid and melted butter came out piping hot—terrific! Avocado toast has certainly become a staple of many restaurants in the last couple of years, and theirs is the best. Two large slices, completely slathered with avocado, tasty bits of radish and a perfectly cooked egg was enough for one whole meal, but two of us quickly ordered the next course. Duck Confit Benedict, a marvel in the merging of tastes.  Another cup of hot coffee, and we decided to order and split one of their pasta dishes.

We ordered the Chitarra—carbonara, black pepper, eggs, guanciale and peas.  Another one to try is Bucatini—cacio e pepe, aged pecorino, telicherry peppercorn; and Gemelli, with pesto, pistachio, peas and greens, topped with pecorino romano. There are plenty of side dishes to go along.

Breakfast has eggs and sauce, a great looking French omelette, Polenta with sunny side eggs, truffled mushrooms, and pecorino, and a Croque Madame with ham, fontina, tomato cream and a sunny side up egg.

There is a nice little outdoor porch for lovely weather days. Great wait staff and a full wall of numerous wines. Don’t walk out without sampling the ice cream, gelato bar.  Mon thru Friday 11am-10pm, 10am-10pm on the weekends. Vegan and vegetarian options, reservations not needed and a true happy hour. 410 S. Rampart, Suite 120,