How to Find the Cheapest California Car Shipping Rates

California is one of the most desirable states for work, schooling or lifestyle reasons, boasting numerous tourist attractions like Los Angeles and San Diego beaches.

California is famously home to Hollywood and Silicon Valley. There’s something here for everyone and car shipping companies frequently take advantage of this state as a destination.


Cost of California car shipping varies widely depending on a variety of factors, including vehicle size and type, distance of transportation and the services required. To find the most economical rates it’s wise to get quotes from multiple providers and compare before making your final decision.

Keep in mind that not all car shipping companies are created equal; some may be more costly, while others provide additional perks which may offset higher costs. For instance, some may offer guaranteed pricing options – this could save money especially if transporting an expensive or exotic auto.

Another element that can influence the cost of California auto shipping is how your vehicle is collected and dropped off. A terminal-to-terminal service may be less expensive, yet requires you to arrange transportation of your auto from and to a terminal yourself. However, be mindful that this method may take more time and requires special arrangements be made on both ends for pickup and drop-off of the vehicle.

No matter your vehicle shipping needs, California offers numerous car shipping companies to safely transport it at an affordable cost. To begin the search for an ideal company that suits you, browse several websites of various car transporters before visiting in person to compare rates and services offered. 

Once you find one that matches up perfectly with what you require, contact them directly for a free quote and arrange delivery of your shipment.


If you are in the process of moving, you may be looking for ways to make the process easier. When you are thinking about car shipping to California, door-to-door delivery services provide the easiest experience. They ensure your vehicle reaches its destination quickly and safely while offering outstanding customer service with dedicated agents standing by anytime you have questions or require help.

Cost of shipping a car in California varies greatly based on several factors, including distance between pickup and delivery locations, type of vehicle being shipped, and method of transport used—for instance enclosed carriers may cost more but they provide greater protection for your vehicle than open carriers do. 

Furthermore, seasonality plays an impactful role; off-peak seasons offer savings.

Prepping your vehicle for transporting is essential; making sure it is clean and in top working order will prevent further damage as well as additional fees from transport companies. Documenting its condition through photographs is also recommended prior to shipping it off.

If you are moving to California, do your research before selecting a shipping company. Get referrals from friends and family as well as reading online reviews before making your selection.


Insurance is one of the key components of car shipping. Always do your research and verify that any company you select is covered should any damage occur during transport. Most reputable auto transporters include their policy in their final quote and should provide evidence that proves its coverage; you can also ask about special agreements or considerations.

Whenever possible, avoid working with companies who fail to be upfront about their insurance. 

A top car carrier will have an expansive policy covering any damage during transport; some carriers, however, hide details about their policy or offer minimal coverage which could leave you paying large repairs bills should your vehicle be damaged during shipping.

Finding a reputable vendor with full bumper-to-bumper insurance at a fair price is the ideal way to avoid this situation, and checking online reviews or asking for references will allow you to make an informed choice when selecting which car shipping company will work best.


Reputable California car shipping companies can make your relocation easier, and although some motorists may have had negative experiences, most customers are satisfied with their services. 

California car shipping companies’ reputation is determined by a range of factors, including driver reliability and the speed of service. Some offer door-to-door service while others operate terminals in larger cities; tracking systems ensure your car remains in its intended location at all times; some even offer rewards such as free car washes or guaranteed pickup windows!

Before moving to California, it’s essential that you are familiar with its unique cost of living. Housing, transportation and utilities may cost more in this state; in addition, taxes could increase. Thankfully, however, California boasts a robust economy as well as world-renowned sports teams which may offset some of these expenses.