Mulholland Brand: A Heartwarming Gesture

It’s a Heartwarming Gesture that Fosters a Culture of Appreciation

Southern California, July 2023 — In a heartwarming display of gratitude and appreciation, Mulholland Brand, the industry leader in prestige aluminum gates, fences, pergolas, wall cladding and more, orchestrated a special breakfast event for its employees. As the sun rose over the picturesque industrial area, the CEO, alongside field area managers, CFO, and COO, personally served breakfast to over 150 dedicated employees, creating an unforgettable moment that showcased the company’s high values and commitment to its team.

The breakfast gathering was more than just a gesture; it was a testament to Mulholland Brand’s culture of recognizing and cherishing its workforce. The employees were at the heart of the event, with particular emphasis on the fabricators, the skilled artisans crafting the products by hand, and the installers, the individuals responsible for ensuring impeccable installations.

“It’s the kind of appreciation and support you rarely find in many companies,” one employee expressed, reflecting the sentiment shared by many. At Mulholland Brand, employees are not just workers; they are valued members of an extended family. The company actively encourages team bonding, fostering relationships among colleagues, and engaging in community activities to motivate personal and professional growth.

“I feel like I can grow here, not just in my career but also as a person,” said another employee. “There’s a sense of affinity and pride in working for a company that genuinely cares about its employees and their potential for advancement.”

Central to Mulholland Brand’s success is a harmonious work environment built on trust, affinity, and loyalty. The recent breakfast event was a heartening gesture to express gratitude towards their hardworking fabricators and installers, demonstrating that each individual’s contribution is invaluable in maintaining the company’s exceptional standards.

Avi Ben David, the visionary CEO of Mulholland Brand, personally served breakfast during the event, taking time to acknowledge the integral role every employee plays in building and thriving the company. “I live for these moments,” he shared with a beaming smile. “Creating an environment of joy is paramount to me. Yes, we face challenges, but when our employees work together with smiles and a sense of togetherness, we can overcome any obstacle and become even better.”

The company’s core values extend beyond just its employees, as Mulholland Brand aims to be an exemplary organization in the market, setting a standard of excellence that others can aspire to, especially in Southern California, known for its share of unreliable companies. Encouraging personal and professional growth within the company is key to fulfilling this vision of being the best, not just in the region but on a global scale.

Mulholland Brand’s reputation for excellence is well-earned, thanks to their state-of-the-art process that produces aluminum goods with exquisite finishes, superior safety, and exceptional durability compared to traditional materials like wood or iron. The company takes pride in using a higher percentage of eco-friendly materials, showcasing its commitment to sustainability.

The allure of Mulholland Brand’s products is such that the company has witnessed an increase in demand from customers who appreciate beauty, quality, and exceptional service. Many of these customers reside in prestigious areas with exquisite properties, aligning perfectly with the company’s product offerings and customer-oriented attitude.

As the breakfast event concluded, the prevailing atmosphere was one of appreciation, camaraderie, and unity. The team’s dedication to creating innovative, sustainable, and creative aluminum designs will undoubtedly pave the way for more gratitude-filled breakfasts and other activities of love and appreciation.

In a world where companies often focus solely on profits, Mulholland Brand stands out as a beacon of hope, proving that a corporate culture founded on appreciation and recognition can foster true success. As the morning sun cast its golden rays on the Mulholland Brand team, it was evident that their bond was stronger than ever, reaffirming their collective commitment to excellence and each other.