When You Need an Expert for Labor Law in Los Angeles

The law exists for everyone to respect it. In the case of employment, both employees and employers have certain obligations and rights. Employers determine the rules in their companies. Employees should adhere to them as long as those laws or actions do not threaten their rights and safety.

There are situations when employers disobey good business practices, usually to the workers’ detriment. They suffer because they do not know their rights. That often leads to exploitation by those who cannot fend for themselves. Luckily, it seems that employee awareness is changing and that more people now know their rights and what to do when they are in danger.

Employment law (here’s what you should know about it) exists to protect the interests of both employers and workers. When the latter faces workplace problems, the best thing they can do is to contact an experienced attorney in Los Angeles who can provide them with the necessary legal assistance. Read on to find out when you need the help of these experts.

Discrimination on Any Basis

Discrimination is a widely known term, and a large number of people have faced it at least once. It refers to making distinctions and treating employees unfairly because of their race, gender, age, interests, sexual orientation, and so on.

Unfortunately, such situations are common in the workplace as well. Sometimes discrimination is easy to spot. Yet, it often goes unnoticed, both by the discriminated employee and the person who does that violation. Sadly, most torturers usually bully others out of ignorance.

The law is very clear about discrimination in the workplace – everyone must adhere to the principle of equality. You do not have to agree with it, but you have to respect it. So, your employer must not discriminate against you on any basis, that is, treat you differently than others. Of course, you must not do that either to your colleagues, subordinates, or superiors.

Employers often try to justify discrimination as a “business interest,” during which the employees mostly remain silent and suffer. That is because of the power imbalance in the employer-employee relationship and because workers usually do not know the law. 

If you have a well-founded suspicion that you have been discriminated against, you might face a lower salary, long shifts, poor working conditions, inability to career advance, etc. Whatever hinders you and makes you feel bad at your workplace, it is highly recommended to get legal advice and help. A lawyer can help you get a fair wage, overtime pay, and compensation for any past work that you might not be paid.

Common signs of workplace discrimination are described on this link: https://www.inhersight.com/blog/guides-to-discrimination/am-i-being-discriminated-against-at-work 

Getting Fired for No Justified Reason

Being fired is something that many fear, especially in times of unstable economy and geopolitical problems. Losing a job also means losing secure income and other perks that employment brings (401k) contributions, health insurance, etc.). If that happens, people usually withdraw from everything because of fear, often unaware of their rights.

Although the employer may be “stronger” in the financial sense, you are equal from the law’s point of view. Hiring an employment lawyer in time will help you understand that and save you from stress and losing money. Every termination must be justified, and if the employer forces you to sign this document without giving you a valid explanation, you have every right to rebel and take counteraction.

Despite Californian law allowing at-will employment (the employer can fire you at any time for any reason), there are situations when dismissal is illegal. That is when you lose your job due to discrimination or retaliation. To prove a violation of your rights, you need a good lawyer who will design a case strategy and gather all the necessary evidence to prove the illegal behavior of your employer.

Sexual Harassment

Situations that can be classified as sexual harassment are unfortunately common today, especially in the workplace. Any inappropriate contact, comment, or communication that makes you feel uncomfortable, offended, and scared needs immediate intervention. If you have been a victim, you should report it to the authorities within your company. At the same time, you must seek legal help and protect yourself in all possible ways.

Someone will think it is unnecessary to hire a lawyer if such situations can be resolved at the company level, but the truth is different. Because people tend to sweep things under the rug and “keep everything within the company,” sexual harassment has become a widespread problem. Another reason is the fear of job loss that most victims face after they report the abuser.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse and harassment, you should not hesitate for a moment to seek legal help. Apart from the fact that you will put pressure on the perpetrator and those who may be covering for them, you will protect yourself from the already-mentioned consequences because you acted correctly. Any seasoned sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will be happy to help you sue your employer if you get fired because of reporting a bully or inappropriate actions.


You will need legal help when looking for justice for yourself, but also when you want to protect colleagues, the community, and all others who may suffer because of your company’s unethical business. For example, you know that your employer has double accounting and thus avoids taxes. Or they use illegal waste disposal techniques and harm the environment.

In any case, it takes a lot of courage for an individual to dare to expose a corporation. If you have evidence and witnesses for illegal actions, a seasoned employment attorney will provide you with all the necessary help and support to persevere in your intention. 

Also, you will get the protection of your rights and be safe from dismissal because the employer has no right to fire you even if you report them for illegal conduct. On this link, get more information on whistleblowers’ rights.

Reviewing Job Offer

The job of lawyers in charge of employment law is not to act only when necessary but also to be proactive. These legal experts provide wholehearted help when it comes to preventive action to stop or anticipate some law violations.

For example, you have received an offer for a new job, either with the current company or a new employer. You probably already know details such as salary and your new workplace duties, but there are many other details you should be familiarized with, too. For example, there is a clause that the employer can cancel your job and fire you as a technological redundancy. What are your rights in that case?

Perhaps most of the contract terms are clear and transparent, but for whatever you need an explanation, it is best to seek the help of a lawyer. Along with you, they will go through your complete job offer and all contract clauses before you sign anything. They will simplify the complex legal terminology and explain your rights in simple words and whether the employer violates any of them with this contract.

Check the source below to find out what you should pay attention to before signing a job offer:











Getting timely help from a seasoned employment lawyer in Los Angeles can be of utmost importance when facing workplace-related legal issues. These professionals have the necessary expertise in labor laws and skills to help you protect your rights and interests and win against unscrupulous employers.