Key Things to Know About the Outer Space Strain


The use of cannabis dates back centuries ago. It has been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Due to a need to create the most suitable strain to fit their specific uses, weed breeders have crossed different cannabis strains to create new ones and the Outer Space strain is one such strain.

As the name suggests, the Outer Space strain gives users a whole new sensation akin to being out of the body and floating in outer space. People who are looking for a weed strain that makes them feel more energetic and gives them the push to perform beyond the ordinary will find the Outer Space strain to be a perfect fit for them.

A look at the origin and the genetics of Outer Space

If you’re looking for a THC-dominant weed strain, look no further than outer space. Its high THC levels result from the fact that it comes from crossing two sativa-dominant strains—Trinity and Island Sweet Skunk.

The THC levels of Outer Space range between 19% and 21% which is quite high. Through the consumption of the strain, you will feel more upbeat to go through your day and have high productivity levels.

The outer space strain’s aroma and flavor

As a hybrid strain, the outer space has a mixed flavor and aroma that come from its parent strains. Its flavor profile tends to be sweet and fruity, and some users say they taste citrus and earthy undertone hints when consuming the strain. In addition, some users indicate to have experienced a peppery or spicy taste as they exhale this marijuana variant.

Regarding the aroma, Outer Space has a complex one, as it has hints of earth, pine, and sweetness. In general, the complexity and uniqueness of the outer space strain make it appealing to its fans and one of the most popular strains among cannabis enthusiasts. If you’re looking to enjoy a great THC-dominant variant, you cannot go wrong with the Outer Space strain from Cannaflower, a great product from one of the most renowned and trusted cannabis growers and suppliers.

Uses of the outer-space strain

Owing to its high THC levels that make the strain quite potent inducing a high sensation among its users, the Outer Space strain is used for recreational purposes. The users get considerable relaxation and euphoria from consuming this weed variant. So, if you want to relax and be in high spirits after a strenuous day, outer space is your best bet.

For medical purposes, some people believe the strain is effective in treating some common ailments and use it to treat several medical conditions such as:

  •   insomnia
  •   depression
  •   anxiety
  •   chronic pain

In addition, the strain is known for stimulating appetite and has proven to be a useful strain for those grappling with eating disorders.

How to purchase the Outer Space weed strain?

You can buy Outer Space strains from reputable and leading cannabis dispensaries in the US, as well as online from cannabis retailers and seed banks. However, you must be cautious as you get your weed supply and only buy from reputable suppliers so that you can enjoy the best high-quality products.


If you are looking for a high-THC cannabis strain, then go for the outer space strain. It has a unique flavor and aroma profile, and produces an uplifting and euphoric high, which endears it to cannabis enthusiasts and makes it one of the essential strains to have in their weed collection.

Image by viciousartstudios from Pixabay