Layers of Life


“Walk the Turtle” 2/24/2019


An infinite abyss of levels and depths of love entangled within sorrows, beyond the comprehension of our fragile minds, is hidden inside the layers of life felt by the soul.

Understanding our perception of youth among the grey linings of clouds and visions seen far along the mountains of dreams is given as a blessing by the Almighty as we bow in grace.

Intricate paths and patterns we develop as we become travelers in time, seizing each moment as a breath of life it disappears like a vapor of smoke leaving behind the scent of fragrance bestowed into our eternal spirit.

Romancing the gift of memories that flow from the seas of constant change and holding on to the kiss of happiness as we close our eyes and wander through the stars of ecstasy through the connection of a sacred heart.

Walk the turtle to the motions of an everlasting bond held together by the promises and glory of our Savior as we feel each other’s presence in this heavenly realm.

I am one day closer to us being together again. I love you, Brittany Withers.

Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash