Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 5


Breaking Down the Walls

In the journey of the soul, the ultimate desire is love. But, in the game of life, love seems to weave in and out. Walls are built to protect us, to keep the pain, sorrow and hurt at a distance.lati

We cannot take flight and free ourselves when there are walls all around us.

Some are thick and impenetrable; others can be taken apart one brick at a time. When I think about my own walls, the many I used to have, there is a story behind each layer. They are untold stories, hidden from the conscious.

To break through to the other side is both a scary and brave action to take. Standing behind the wall is a comfort zone, a place of familiarity. But, without the walls, there is the unknown and opportunity.

Knowing why walls exist within the skeleton of the mind and body, can be liberating to the soul.

We create stories, some from truth while others are designed from false truths. Either way, the walls come up and like a fortress, keeps a barrier between what could be and what continues to be. When I discovered the tales of my life wrapped in the stories reflecting on how my experiences played out, I learned about myself, love and living life to the fullest.

We may want to spread our wings, have a voice and sing our soul song. If there are walls, we hold ourselves back.

Transitioning walls into boundaries eases the ability to filter that which needs to stay at arm’s length and that which can be let into our circle of influence.

I am always checking my walls, my boundaries and how strong they are, which ones may need to be removed, and ones I can strengthen. In my days of trials and tribulations, the lessons have been about my own personal empowerment. At what point am I weak and need the walls and when can I be assertive, letting the walls down.

It has been a dance between the echoes of the past knocking at my door and the desires of the future to walk the steppingstones of success.

Moving through the process of life, experiencing from day to day, the influx of personal thoughts and emotions, other’s actions towards us and the extended noise of the outside world, building a strong foundation with definitive boundaries and the knowing of who you are, will enable the rising sun to give you a feeling of joy and hope that today you can be grateful to be alive embracing what the day will bring.

Gratitude changes everything.

*This article was previously published on and is republished here with permission.

**Top photo by Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash