Noah’s Animal House Has Served 2021 Pets Since Beginning


 Pet Shelter offers needed solution to victims of domestic violence

This is such a worthwhile cause and I wish to encourage other cities to start this program. Please let others know about it and see if you can get involved. I am reposting this from the media company that represents them.

Noah’s Animal House (NAH), the first pet shelter in the country in partnership and next door to domestic violence shelters, announced they have served 2021 pets since the non-profit organization started in 2007. Founded by Staci Alonso and named after her son, Noah, NAH’s mission is to help families of domestic violence stay united with their pet after leaving their abuser. As part of serving 2021 pets, it has provided nearly 153,000 free boarding nights ensuring pets stay safe and united with their families while staying at their partner domestic violence shelters in both Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

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Less than twenty percent of women’s shelters in the country offer pet support services to victims of domestic violence. Having to leave a loved pet behind is one of the most significant barriers to women and children fleeing their abuser; however, NAH has removed that barrier having served families from 34 states. In conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, NAH is launching a fundraiser to help support their full-service facilities including boarding, veterinary care, food, toys, and treats. A suggested donation amount of $20.21 provides treats for shelter pets for one month. Donations will be accepted through the end of 2021.

“When Noah’s opened, there was less than 3% of shelters that offered some type of pet service for victims. While we celebrate both our milestone of over 2000 pets sheltered and the growth to almost 20% of women’s shelters across the country over the last decade, we are still not where we need to be and we will continue to work to remove the “no pets allowed” signs on the remaining domestic violence centers’ doors,” said Noah’s Animal House founder Staci Alonso.

In 2019, NAH was catapulted into the national spotlight and recognized by “CNN Heroes” for its tireless work in helping families and their pets stay together.

“Congratulations to Noah’s Animal House. The Shade Tree is proud to celebrate our longest-standing partner and the joy they bring to our teams and most importantly to the clients we serve.  You are a true supporter, advocate, and community soldier in the fight against domestic violence,” said Linda Perez, CEO of The Shade Tree. “Because of you, our clients do not have to leave behind their most loving and trusted companion. They get to be together on their journey to healing. You are a blessing to this community and we are grateful to you. Thank you for being an amazing partner, neighbor, and friend. We celebrate you!”

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“The Domestic Violence Resource Center is extremely proud of its partnership with Noah’s Animal House. Our goal is to help survivors feel confident enough to leave dangerous environments – being able to say, ‘yes, your pets are allowed’ means that more survivors feel that they can take this critically important step, without having to leave important family members behind. Having the capacity to provide this incredible service makes us all stronger,” said Denise Yoxsimer, Executive Director of Domestic Violence Resource Center in Reno. “We are grateful for Staci Alonso and the board of Noah’s Animal House for their inspiring vision and their incredibly generous spirit. Thank you, Noah’s, and congratulations on surpassing this meaningful milestone.”

For more information about Noah’s Animal House or to make a donation of $20.21, visit or text NOAHS to 243725 to donate.


The first NAH opened in 2007 next door and in partnership with The Shade Tree Shelter in Southern Nevada and expanded to its second location in 2018 in partnership with the Domestic Violence Resource Center in Northern Nevada. The two pet shelters are completely free to those staying at either domestic violence shelter and feature 86 total kennels to house the dogs and cats; on-site veterinary care, food, and cuddle rooms to allow families to enjoy time together in the comfort of a family living room setting. To learn more about Noah’s Animal House or to donate, please visit

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