Northstar Bar and Grill

A favorite of locals for over 30 years, Northstar Bar and Grill in Vegas is a great place to dine. One of the best neighborhood places around with a sports bar, TVs, a friendly dog patio, pool, darts, and beer pong. Great food no matter what you order. Calzones, linguine, salads, steak and eggs, burgers, breakfast, everything is done to a T!! And the prices are incredible.

So let me say the service is absolutely the best!!! Nicole is an awesome host/bartender.  The food…one word–BURGERS. Raul is the cook and can he serve up the best burger?!  The food NEVER disappoints and the staff here is always happy, smiling, and fun to be with. Drinks are perfect. Everyone I know would give them a 5 star review.

Always an amazing place!! The waffles are fluffy, their steaks are juicy, chicken and veggie bowls are yummy, and fries are the crispest. Steaks are only $9.99—carved and cooked to perfection! James, the owner has been a restaurant owner for years; he loves a friendly crowd and welcomes everyone.

Open 24-7, easy to get to, and plenty of machines to play. Take a look at the menu, you’ll be shocked. There is always some activity going on at Northstar. 702-675-9524. Located at 5150 Camino Del Norte, Las Vegas, NV.