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Dedicated to Clint

Years ago, I awakened from a dream knowing that my pursuit of happiness would in part be wrapped within writing.  Who knew that this pathway would give me so much in the creation of a family who wanted nothing more than to love me. To this day my life is fueled with words that leap off the page for my children and those I hold near and dear to my heart.  It is through writing that I have been given the privilege to elevate those who take the time to read my work.  From subtle to direct, the underlying premise is to follow your dreams because you can make them your reality.  And in doing so, you realize that this is God’s plan too.

So here it goes, let me take you on a ride to parts unknown. It starts with a place called Relics Retreats.   A 30-acre paradise nestled within the wooded forest and along the babbling banks of Grave Creek and outside of Eureka, Montana, this unique find offers a piece of paradise for the discerning type.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a silence that comes over you where you can feel the presence of minds and spirits through the air.  It’s a place where you can touch the untouchable and dance the “cerebral tango” with a special someone even if they physically aren’t with you.  Relics Retreats offers a place of contemplation in the magnificence of true raw beauty in an undeniably well-engineered creation like no other.  It is a place where time and space are insignificant distractions against the dramatic backdrop of intense peace and awareness.  Imagine the possibilities if you truly let yourself embrace it. Here is where dreams become reality.

I met Danny of Baja Moto Tours through happy coincidence when we were both on a path to live out our dreams.  Who knew that our shared dreams would live on so many years later with friendship and respect?  It all started with a project in Baja, Mexico, and from there, Danny’s dream has successfully grown.  For the past 20 years, I have been living out my passion for writing while thousands of miles away Danny was on the same path pursuing his dream to offer guided motorcycle tours in Baja, Mexico, and Montana, USA.  Add another being to the story, and I introduce Willow, who’s an early start in alternative medicine, years of charitable work, and the love of motorcycles, created the platform to manifest two dreams, Relics Retreats, and The Mount Marston Biker Rally.  If that wasn’t enough, let’s introduce someone else to the mix.  German entrepreneur, certified motorcycle tour guide, BMW instructor and trainer, Arndt started living his dream more than ten years ago to create a motorcycle resort.  So, what’s the connection you ask?  Read on but what I can say is it’s a beautiful collision of circumstances.

My editorial “Baja. Life. Death.” was published in HOG Magazine and in several other publications in 2013.  Around the same time, Danny and Arndt met sharing their passion for motorcycle touring.  Willow met Danny and Arndt later and the three conspired to reach out and ask me to review Relics Retreats.  Do you see how life has effortlessly orchestrated us all to meet by the sheer force of the pursuit of dreams?  It’s like a domino effect with the multiplicity of powerful connections.  There is another very important dimension to this story underpinned by the annual Mount Marston Biker Rally i.e. MMBR (#83-4142578) which raises funds for veterans.  The profits go to Braach Shepherds 4 Veterans Inc 501c3 (#83-2446928) led by Pamela.  The organization honors veterans who suffer from PTSD.  They train dogs as emotional support and suicide prevention companions for qualified veterans who participate in the training.  Imagine that this phenomenal venture is fully supported by donations and Jerry’s Saloon is where the rally begins and ends. It is the meeting place for minds and hearts that ride their bikes in appreciation of heroes who have supported our community and country without being asked.

​After riding across the vast landscape, we returned to the retreat center to enjoy a catered dinner before meditation in the “Maa” Sauna.  The sauna is built in-ground, reminiscent of Finnish tradition and heated by a wood fire.  With temperatures reaching 230+ degrees, Willow ceremonially laid scented ice on the rocks as I readied for the “heatwave”.  It is a ritual where a towel is wrapped and then forcefully “fanned” emitting massive ambient hot air in your direction from about two feet away.  The air is so incredibly hot and intensely humid it feels ice cold for a few seconds.  Most can handle only about three blows but I was left asking for much more.  Ten strikes later I was filled with complete existential awareness. Right after, you submit your body to an ice-cold shower using water from 200’+ in the ground.  The experience was a breakthrough in spiritual healing and awareness I will never forget.

The next day we rode about ~140 miles in the surrounding mountains near Glacier Park through Yak, Trego, Wolfe Prairie, Libby etc… Serpentine roads with breathtaking landscape offered a feast for the eyes.  This is land where it is not uncommon to see bison, moose, bears, coyotes, wolves, and wild cats.  The wildlife offered haunting sound effects at nighttime against a full moon on that Friday the 13th.  Frankly, it was hypnotic, and I couldn’t help but look up into the sky and blow a kiss or two saying a prayer for my children and my soulmate.

On the journey back we stopped at the legendary haunted Jerry’s Saloon in Fortine (~300 population) owned by Craig and lovely Travis.  I saw surveillance video footage proving spiritual manifestations which I will post on my Night Train fan page.  Turns out original owner Jerry died, accidentally shot by local law enforcement, after he called for help suspecting a burglary.  The bullet holes are still displayed on the wall.  Imagine that!

Relics Retreats is equipped with authentic Finnish Valo, Rusuu and Maa Saunas, a seasonal outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor whirlpools, Pedi-tubs, hydro-room and plenty of “RELICSation” stations for rest between sauna sessions. The timeless, healing energy of authentic stones and fossils leave you in awe as you take in the unique ambiance. Add on a yoga class, full body massage, hair masque or meditative sound bath to customize your experience.  Relics Retreats is that all-inclusive oasis that offers more than you could ever hope for.  So, if you want the experience, it’s there for the taking.

Where does the road go from here you may ask? Jerry’s Saloon and Relics Retreats are gearing up for 2020 fundraising for Braach Shepherds 4 Veterans Inc through MMBR.  Arndt is in discussions with bike manufacturers to bring their fleet of bikes for the savvy motorcycling adventure seeker.  I can’t wait to see which manufacturer will successfully convince Arndt and Baja Moto Tours and Relics Retreats that they are the best long-term option to partner with.  I continue to ride the open air and dream of days gone by and all that is before me.


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