The CAANE Foundation: In Memory Chris Cane

The CAANE Foundation

In Memory

Chris Cane



By: Florida Night Train

Christmas has passed but the spirit of giving… and receiving continues because of Chris Cane and his friend Andre Kress of Corsa Moto Works through The CAANE Foundation.  

An emotional Andre Kress, principal partner at Corsa Moto Works met with me to share about his friend Chris Cane and the legacy he left behind. A legacy, in my opinion, that has likely saved lives. Through The CAANE Foundation (Chris’ Advocate Assisting Novice Enthusiasts), riders who are not quite as well equipped as they should be for their protection can go to The CAANE Foundation and get outfitted for free or for a simple donation. The CAANE Foundation receives and donates hundreds of used and brand new or nearly new jackets, gloves, boots, and helmets. I have seen it with my own eyes, the place is filled with equipment.  

There is no shame in going to The CAANE Foundation asking for help to get outfitted, or to do it for a friend or a relative who needs it! You are likely to save someone’s life or your own.

I was coming back from Tierra Verde, Florida, on my s1000rr a few weeks ago followed by another bike whose “pilot” seemed to think it was a good idea for him and his female companion to ride 100mph+ no helmet, sandals, shorts, and t-shirt on. Chris Cane aka the “Gear Police” would have lost his bearings to see this guy. This “pilot” clearly wanted to race with me so in an attempt to defuse his stupidity, I slowed right down. This blue tone R1 straight short pipes “pilot” clearly needed safety gear. More importantly, he needed some additional brain cells.

The Fran Haasch Law Group is currently assisting The CAANE Foundation to set up as a charity organization. Andre Kress is determined to keep Chris’ legacy going. Staff, clients, and volunteers help. Clients have come in simply to purchase new gear and donate it, some give their used gear, and some even give brand new tires. If you are in need, there is a way through The CAANE Foundation. I think of riders whose only mode of transport is two wheels and this could really make a difference.

Andre Kress, former founder of MANX Motorsports now principal partner of Corsa Moto Works located in Clearwater, Florida, specializes in European bikes as well as other brands of speed bikes, vintage and classic restorations. Kress met Cane back in 2010–Cane was one of Kress’ first clients if not the first. They both shared the same passions and values and they both had Triumph’s Daytona 675. Another true “Collision of Dreams” Relics Retreats “A Collision of Dreams” © took place. Both became brothers, hence the emotional Kress during our talk for this editorial. Corsa Moto Works’ values have been greatly influenced by Kress’s profound respect for danger.  They cut no corners and they will do what they can to help riders “change statistics”.

All that said, you need gear? You can’t afford it? Or you know someone who needs gear who can’t afford it and you can’t either? Touch base with The CAANE foundation. For those of us who can afford to donate, you would not be making a mistake by doing so, I assure you.

I wish you all a superb year 2022. Count your blessings for living in Florida riding all year round, and be thankful for the fearless leadership of our sunshine state.