3 Sales Skills Necessary for Success


There is a misconception out there that in order to be successful in sales, you have to have the gift of gab. I have been in direct sales since I was 18, and I have seen extremely successful sales representatives; the reality is that most of the representatives at the top really did not have that gift of gab. They were genuine, sincere, and likable.

I have found that the most successful people are the best listeners. The key to successful selling is to ask questions and then listen quietly and carefully to the answers. Unfortunately, many salespeople try too hard to try to convince people about their products and services.

It’s important to ask questions that will assist and help them. It is not about what we want. It’s about what can help them.

Here are three sales skills that if you use consistently, you will have success.

1). Sincerely listen

Do not make this about you and your wants and your needs. If you make this all about the merchant, you will get a much better response. Too many sales people meet their prospects with their own agenda. Unfortunately, they have dollar signs in their eyes and the merchant can clearly read that. I promise if you start listening to the merchant and focus on helping them, the financial rewards will come beyond your imagination.

The salesperson that has their own agenda tends to be pushy, and they really don’t listen. We all have our needs. We all have been in a position where we need to make money. However, it is crucial to leave that agenda at home and start focusing on helping the merchant. Don’t be the typical salesperson. Rise above that and you will have a much better response from your merchants.

2) Stop trying to convince

We know that we have an amazing program. We know it’s going to be beneficial for the merchants we encounter. It’s important when you meet a merchant for the first time, you sincerely show your belief in what you are doing. As I always say, we are not in the convincing business. We are in the helping business.

Your role is to present your program in a very clear and truthful manner. Just by you doing that, a merchant will make their decision much easier because they know you are not trying to convince them, but you are there to assist and help them. Sales is all about asking questions, answering questions and building a trustworthy win/win relationship.

3) Find out what their real needs are

Yes, it is important to learn the presentation and we learn as much as we possibly can about our industry. The only way we’re going to do that is to get out there and do it. Get your presentation down, but learn to be a listener. You are going to find that every situation is unique. As you’re listening to a merchant, you are going to offer the best program available for them.

Sometimes, representatives are excited to share everything they know about their program, but they forget to listen to what’s important to the merchant.

Remember, successful selling is not about what you want, it is all about how you can best serve the needs of your merchants. Have a genuine sincere presentation and go in with the attitude of helping rather than trying to convince. If you do this daily with persistence and consistency, you will find that you enjoy your journey of success a lot more, and you will feel great about what you are doing.

Remember to help, help, help!

Have a super successful week!



Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash