3 Ways to Overcome Complacency


As I am writing this Monday morning motivation, today just happens to be residual day. Now, residual day is a very positive day which comes once a month for all of us in the merchant processing field. The longer we have been in the industry and the more success we have, the more positive residual day becomes.

Many of you have heard me make the statement, “It keeps getting better.” I have been in this industry for 18 years, and I have found that to be incredibly true. Like many of you, when I see the amount that will be deposited into my bank account, I’m filled with extreme gratitude. What a great business this is!

Being in an industry which provides residual income certainly is a true blessing. However, I have also found it can be somewhat of a curse.

Alas, sometimes representatives can suffer from a disease called residual-itis. How does one know when they are suffering from this? The symptoms include satisfaction and lack of motivation. This is also known as complacency. I have seen this happen with representatives and, unfortunately, what we all have to remember is that once we stop growing, we start shrinking. Several representatives have seen their residuals reduced because of this.

If you have suffered from residual-itis or you have found yourself becoming complacent, today is your day to change that. Here are some steps to help you.

1) Reset goals.

People become complacent because they have achieved a level they are comfortable with. When was the last time you actually wrote down your goals and made a plan on what it is going to take to achieve those goals?

It’s time to repeat the things that made you successful, and it’s time to go to the next level on your life‘s journey. Write down what you’d like to accomplish this month. Write out your goals for the next half of the year. What do you want to accomplish? Once you have established your new goals, write out a plan and then go for it!

2) Get excited about the new opportunities!

People become complacent because they get stale. This industry, like all industries, changes. As technology grows, we have so many new opportunities in this business. Learn about all the new products and programs we have available. Get the knowledge and you will get the confidence. This will allow you to become fresh and excited about what we are doing. We have programs available for all merchants now.

3) Get the competitive spirit.

This business is not just about getting by and it is certainly not just about money. This is an amazing opportunity where you can achieve your dreams.

It’s time to start becoming competitive, and it’s time to start thinking about winning. We have monthly competitions, and we also now have a spectacular summer sales contest where the top eight representatives will be enjoying a fabulous time in Florida. There is plenty of bonus money to pick up, along with winning amazing trips to the Caribbean. You have chosen to be in this industry. Be the best that you possibly can be and take advantage of the extra incentives that RMS has to offer.

At whatever level you are in this business, remember the past is behind you. We have an amazing future ahead of us. If you have found yourself being complacent, start fresh with your new attitude. Get excited about your new goals and dreams. Get competitive and win, win, win!

Have an amazing and spectacular week!