4 Ways to Transform Your Home Office


A lot of people are still working from home.

And while there are certainly perks to doing so, there comes a time when you probably miss that office or desk space of yours (especially if it offers more privacy than you get at home).

If you’re in this boat, consider giving your home workspace a much-needed makeover. Not only will it help you feel more at ease in your work, but it could also help increase your productivity.

Need inspiration? Here are four work-from-home design trends you might want to incorporate.

  • Keep it calm and comfortable. A great workspace doesn’t have to be 100% buttoned-up and professional — especially at home. Make it a place you actually want to be by decking it out in your favorite calming colors and furnishing it with cozy, comfortable materials.
  • Prioritize organization. This one is crucial for most people. Invest in above-the-desk shelves, drawer organizers or even just rolling storage carts you can keep in a closet. Nothing is more stressful than a desk covered in clutter.
  • Get inspired by nature. Bringing in a hint of the great outdoors can reduce stress — and it’s good for your health. Add a few plants, and think about integrating wood accents and furniture. You could even set your desk up in front of a window for some natural light.
  • Go bold. Forget muted hues and minimalistic design. Stylize your space by choosing bold wall colors (or patterned wallpaper), along with thought-provoking artwork, unique accents and eclectic rugs.

If your current home isn’t amenable to productive remote work, reach out. We’ll work together to find a property that’s better suited to your needs.

Nicole Kasten
Licensed Broker Associate
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