6 Best Tips To Properly Store Your Vape Hardware


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Vaping enthusiasts know the long-term economic value of investing in a high-quality vaping device rather than settling for disposable vapes and cheap low-quality devices. However, to leverage the actual value of a high-quality vape device, you need to use proper maintenance practices.

A fundamental way to maintain your vape hardware is to store it safely when not in use. The term vape hardware encompasses the device, components, vape tanks and coils, and accessories like batteries and chargers. Now you know why proper vape device storage is essential, but what are the best tips for storing your vape hardware? Let’s take a look. 

1. Keep Removable Batteries Enclosed in A Case

Batteries are the life force in vape devices as they supply the energy needed to fire a device and commence the vapor production cycle. While some vape devices feature integrated batteries, most vape devices use removable 18650 batteries and li-ion batteries.

While removable may seem sturdy and rigid, they are vulnerable to elements like dirt and debris. Once damaged, the batteries will hamper your device’s performance or, worse still, damage the device. A damaged vape device means inconveniences like no more vaping on tasty, coughing up money for a new vape device.

If your batteries are left exposed, they may collect debris that sticks to the batteries’ terminal, hampering current flow. They can also accidentally contact other metals and trigger a short-circuit, which often results in a leakage. Leaked battery contents can damage your vape device permanently.

Batteries stored with the positive and the negative ends touching can also short-circuit or lead to a thermal runaway. Therefore, always store your vape batteries in a battery case with the opposite ends away from each other. Most replaceable vape batteries come with a battery case; if not, you can purchase the case separately at an affordable price.

2. Unplug The Charger From The Power Source While Not In Use

Although often overlooked, vaporizer device chargers are crucial hardware components for vaping devices, and they also require proper storage for optimal performance. Most people leave their vape device chargers like permanent fixtures on power outlets even after the vape device is fully charged. Although it may seem convenient, such behavior shortens your charger’s lifespan.

Note that the charger’s circuit components keep working while connected to a power source despite unplugging your vape device from the charger. Making your charger work on overdrive may damage the circuit components and cost you a new charger. Therefore, once your vape device reaches peak capacity, unplug your charger and store it away from pets, fluids, and children.

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3. Keep Your Hardware Components Away From Moisture and Extreme Temperature

It is a no-brainer that fluids and electronics don’t work well together. Besides damaging electronic components, water and other fluids may also cause corrosion and further structural damage to vaping hardware. Therefore always store your vape hardware in a dry, low-humidity storage space.

Apart from fluids, exposure to extreme temperatures may also shorten your vape device’s lifespan. Exposing your vape device to extremely high temperatures by leaving it near heat sources or under the sun may trigger a thermal runaway. Thermal runaways occur when a battery’s internal temperature rises beyond the battery’s heat dissipation capacity and may even cause an explosion.

High temperatures also affect the battery’s electrolyte capacity leading to diminished power capacity. Frigid temperatures also contribute to diminished battery capacity. So, always store your vape hardware safely at room temperature.

4. Designate A Safe And Secure Spot For Your Vape Hardware

Besides electrical damage, bumps and dents may also cause significant or even irreversible damage to your vape hardware. Although accidents are prone to happen, storing your vape device and vape accessories in a safe and secure area will minimize damage. For this reason, it is prudent to invest in a solid storage box for your vape hardware. You can also modify a jewelry box or a makeup organizer and use them to store your vape hardware.

Additionally, store your vape away from high-traffic areas prone to accidents. Keep your device where you are least to drop them or step on them and out of reach of children and pets.

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5. Keep Your Vape Hardware Indoors

Most vape devices lack the appropriate ingress protection (IP) rating to protect them from outdoor elements like condensation, direct sunlight exposure, and dust. Therefore, the vape device’s hardware becomes vulnerable to damage from outdoor elements when left outdoors.

Such exposure may slow the device’s performance or damage vital functional components.  Hence, keep your vape devices’ hardware indoors at all times; for portable vape devices, always keep them close, or carry them in a waterproof Ziploc bag while outdoors.

6. Designate A Safe Storage Space For Vape Accessories

Free vape accessories add value to your vape device purchase and convenience to your vaping experience. Vape accessories like glass stems and sub-ohm coils also enrich your vaping experience. But they also need extra care and protection from damage. Therefore, store them in an organized manner in a safe area you can easily access with ease.

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Vape hardware and accessories facilitate the efficiency and performance of your vape device, thus enriching your vaping experience. These top tips will help you store your vape hardware correctly and lengthen its lifespan.

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