An Abyss of Deep Thought


Walk the Turtle 🐢

Column by Michael D. Aloia 10-23-2020

We close our eyes feeling the soothing autumn breeze underneath the evening of a crescent moon. 

Our journey within takes us into an abyss of deep thought as our sense of being is revealed while our mindful spirit reminisces through memories in time. 

We harness the energy of our conscious and glide through the whirlwinds of our minds, carried into a soft elegance of grace held by the peacefulness of the ultimate powers of love and compassion. 

Understanding received by the heartfelt sorrows we’ve endured brings great wisdom and gratefulness as we learn to shield ourselves from harm by becoming humble. 

As these astonishing aspects of our lives together begin to unfold and the process of healing takes its course, we must treat each day and each other as gifts. Always see ourselves in the mirror as children of God as we grow into the reflections of everlasting truth inside the righteousness of Christ’s heart. 

Inspired by Justine SueHaley Acevedo ✝

Photo by Bend Project on Unsplash