Ever since I found out about TED Talks years ago, I have been captivated by the various thought-provoking topics that have been presented using this platform.

In general, rock climbing can be quite difficult especially for those just starting out. Take these factors then add an additional obstacle of blindness and that makes an entirely new level of difficulty.

Today I had a conversation with a good friend of mine; we will call her my “Queen B.” She came over to bring me some German beer and we got to talking about the outlook on life in regards to a tragic event in people’s personal lives.

“The journey is just as important as the destination, because you never know where you’re going to end up. You think you know the particular destination, but you have to embrace the journey, the challenges, the changes, you know the highs and lows.

The sport of rock climbing has only been part of my life since November of 2015, and it has forever changed me for the better.