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“Walk the Turtle” 12/24/2018


A significant spirit of hope swirls through the winter winds as an entanglement of love and cheer whisks upon the air as a God wink of care lifts us up.

Amazing smiles fill the streets and are illuminated by a glimmering spark of happiness and compassion given to us by the birth of our Lord and Savior.

A perpetual motion of prayer resides within the churches of our world. As voices unite, a somber sense of humility is found in the depths of our hearts.

Simple righteousness by our fellowship with each other brings gifts of joy and truth to those that search for the wisdom and knowledge of His word.

Life everlasting is the promise we are bestowed as we are mere flesh and bone born into a spiritual battle between all the forces of life and death.

Blessed are those who acknowledge His presence as His grace enters the realm of our souls along with the comforting hand of the holy felt inside us all.

Walk the Turtle and light a candle to honor and remember those that dance to the music in heaven along with angels that gather to celebrate Christ.