What colors are trending in 2019?

Your home is an extension of who you are: It reflects your tastes, your preferences and the things you find important. This is especially true of the colors you choose for your home. Love nature and the great outdoors? You’ll find peace in yellows, golds, and greens. Dig the beach? Blues, teals, and oranges are probably a more fitting choice.

Are you considering repainting or redecorating this year? Here are some of the best color palettes for each personal style: color-trend

The Traditionalist: Stick to primary colors with a spin — hues like maroon, gold, and navy. They’re classic and sophisticated, yet contemporary.

The Nature Lover: Think outdoorsy and incorporate tans, browns, light greens and pale yellows. You’ll feel at home in no time with a forest-inspired color scheme.

The Bold and Quirky One: Bright and high-impact is the goal here. Try deep reds, hot pinks and vibrant purples that match your maximalist style.

The Free Spirit: Earthy brown tones, light blues, and pastels are always a good choice for this fun and easygoing bunch. This palette should remind you of the open spaces you see when traveling.

The Down-to-Business One: You’ll want neutral colors that don’t require a lot of maintenance or cleaning — no bright whites that get dirty easily. Try grays, creams and taupes that fit any room.

The Minimalist: It’s all about black and white with minimalists — simple, streamlined colors that go with everything and don’t require much thought or design intention.

Choosing the right color palette is hugely important — especially if you’re limited on space. Picking hues that match your unique personal tastes and style can make any abode feel more like home.

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