Comma to Think of It

I’m very excited to say that I’ve been accepted, as part of the blogging team, for No Strings Attached. I just hope my writing measures up.

That said, as a warning to my readers, when I get excited about a topic (the cousin to that sentence is: any topic I write about excites me), I can, sometimes, get very long-winded and use a lot of commas.

So, to help me remember to be careful, about my writing style, I’m going to keep in mind that…

A man was recently found guilty of overusing commas.

The judge told him to expect a really long sentence.

I’m really looking forward to writing for all who read these blogs, to either provide information, and/or for your humorous enjoyment, as well as to hearing from you if you agree or disagree with what I write, and/or if you think of any topics you’d like me to cover, and/or if you think I should be imprisoned to a longer sentence than this one already is.

Image by Q K from Pixabay