Creative Pre-Teens Launch Video To Promote Responsible Pet Care

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Two Pre-Teens from the Midwest Create Public Service Video To Bring Awareness to Keeping Pets Healthy & Happy

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Photo Credit Deborah Hayter

In a quiet suburb just outside of Chicago live two incredibly talented and articulate middle school girls named Sydney and Kayla. These young pre-teens wrote and produced a short video outlining responsible pet care. While the nuances of dog ownership aren’t all glorious — between the poop bags, fur all over your clothes, and planning your entire life around their bathroom habits, there’s still a powerful and extremely tangible bond that exists between humans endeared to their four-legged friends. kayla-and-sydney3

After a brief conversation from their visiting aunt, Kayla and Sydney were inspired to write, direct and produce a video called “Being a Responsible Pet Owner.” Everyone seems to love a good furry animal story like 101 Dalmatians or All Dogs Go to Heaven. Most often, we leave the theater longing for a dog or kitten like the ones we see on the screen. While these types of movies are made to provide us with immeasurable pleasure, they don’t often show the work, beyond dog walking and the importance of keeping the animal happy and healthy. kayla-and-sydney1

Sydney and Kayla learned at a very early age the importance of proper pet care. Their family of nine, (if you include their two dogs) means everyone has a role in pet care. Their brother Michael, also a pet lover, is at the moment, involved in “horsepower” as in V8 Engines and pre-1984 automobiles.

Most of us would be overwhelmed by the family’s daily schedule. Kayla, who dreams of a career possibly as a fashion designer is also showing great talent in acting.  Sydney is currently busy with soccer, martial arts, piano, and guitar lessons. But through the coordinated efforts of both working professional parents, they have embarked upon a pet care routine that fits well into all of their busy lives. “We make a conscious effort to ensure that our furry friends are getting the love and attention they deserve,” said Mom, Stephanie. kayla-and-sydney2

A healthy pet is a happy pet echoes throughout the video, which subliminally addresses the emotional and physical well-being of pet ownership. The young producers created a very compelling video outlining the joy of owning and bonding with pets, safety, exercise and, grooming.

Sydney and Kayla are great examples of the studies which have shown that young people who are attached to pets give them a strong sense of bonding outside of the environments of peer pressure. kayla-and-sydney4

There are so many advantages to adopting a pet. Being a Responsible Pet Owner is a good video for those considering bringing a pet into their lives.  The video is scheduled for release in early 2019.

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