Cut & Mix w/ DJ Audioprism: Geir Ness

Vanessa Hundley aka DJ Audioprism is joined on this episode by the creator of Norway’s first signature scent – Geir Ness! Geir shares his story from his humble roots among the Norwegian fields and mountains to his international travels and experiences that brought him to where he is today. A font of positive personality, Geir has brought his signature perfumes and products to noteworthy events including the Tonys and the Oscars, and impressed the Disney company so much with his scent of Norway named Laila that they commissioned him to create Frozen In A Bottle for the hit movie Frozen!

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Produced: in United States of America

Release date: 06/07/2020

Video Type:   (Interview)    Cut & Mix Season 1, Episode 8

Producer, Director, Host : Vanessa Hundley