Exclusive Interview with Greece A-List Talent Broker Maggie Kalomvosaki

*  You have spent 13 years as a talent broker. What did you do
before and how did you come to be in this business?

I was a professional conference organizer with pharmaceutical companies including Bayer and Glaxo. The economic situation changed in Greece and unfortunately, I lost my job and had to quickly figure out another way of income. I teamed up with a couple of local Greece promoters and started booking acts from the USA and that certainly opened a new opportunity for me.

As a side hobby, I used to write for several blogging websites about music and entertainment, and that allowed me to bring attention to my name. A gentleman from New York City read my blog and was impressed with my knowledge and expertise. Once he found out that I was also booking acts, he hired me to assist him in booking Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi for a couple of special events. That is how I got my start in the business.

How do you consider your approach to booking talent different from or
better than those of your peers and direct competitors?

I consider myself a professional person with an understanding of how a
business person should operate—with respect, trust, ethics, and in a
timely manner. Over the years, I established a reputation with all the
big talent agencies and managers handling big acts. My work ethic and
experience guarantee a professional execution of booking and taking
special requests into consideration to assure the artist receives what
they require to put on a powerful show.

I really strive to say that I work differently from some of my competitors, my clients trust me due to my work ethic, timely responses, leadership, and respectful attitude. All of my clients are satisfied and consistently return.


    * _You are based in Athens, Greece; do you provide access to talent
worldwide, or do you mainly stick with the European and Middle East

My clients are worldwide and my reach is limitless. I have an excellent Rolodex that provides me with access to every need and desired request.


* _Your agency has worked with many high-profile talents. Who are one
or two of your favorite performers you have worked with and why? _

I can’t praise one artist enough, Toni Braxton. She performed for one of my
clients in Dubai 2017, and she is absolutely my favorite entertainer.

Working with Drake was a pleasure as I booked him to perform in Riyadh
last year (2020), but unfortunately, the event was canceled at the last
minute due to Covid-19.

The Opera singer Evgenia Laguna is not only an exceptional personality
and talent, but she and I are very good friends.


*  What would you consider to be some of the main highlights or
accomplishments in your career as a talent broker so far?_

My personal relationships I established over the years with all the
talents, managers, and agencies worldwide. My professional attitude,
kindness, respect, fast service, ethical behavior all pays off in the
end, to establish my own “fame” as a broker!


    *  As a female business owner, have you ever encountered challenges to your knowledge or skill by men in your industry? If so, how did you handle those situations?

I honestly can say, with a big “No”, even though there are not that many women in this particular part of the business doing what I do. I have never encountered any challenges neither in my country nor abroad.


* With the Covid lockdowns, the event industry was hit incredibly
hard. What have you done over the last year to continue to connect
with your performers, clients, and your audience?

Like many of us in the business, I used the tools that were already
available, the social media platforms. It allowed me to connect with
my old clients and at the same token develop new contacts and new
clients.  But since we are not yet out of the pandemic, most projects
are still in a waiting mode for now.


* You are not only a talent broker but also a fashion
designer. How do you want to use fashion as you move forward?

It is a side project for now and not my main focus. However, I do
enjoy and love fashion, and hope to incorporate the fashion glamour at
some point later. I am concentrating on continuing to build my
talent broker agency.


* How did you first get started in the fashion industry and did you
have a mentor?

A few years back I thought it would be fun to design my own clothes and
the photos drew attention. The fashion company Vida asked me to
design for them and even today, years later, I am still enjoying my
side business. It is a lot of fun.

No, I never had a mentor. I am very creative and do not lack
inspiration, I try to be myself and different from what other
designers do.


 * How would you describe your fashion brand?

Fashionably timeless and elegant—for the consumer with a touch of
the individuality that enhances their personality and attitude.


* How do you manage your time between being a talent broker and as a
fashion designer?

It is, at times, a bit of a struggle but manageable; especially now
during Covid. I try to balance my day with a schedule that allows me
to dedicate a certain amount to my fashion, but the main time focus is
my agency. I definitely can say I am a workaholic and at times I have
to slow myself down to take a mental break.


* What advice would you give your younger self and why?

Great question! I would follow my heart and certainly would have not
waited this long to actually open my own agency. It is important to
evaluate where your passion lies and just go for it.


* Please share with our readers where they can find Maggie’s
Talent Agency and Maggie’s Fashion Line.

Very easy, visit my website  https://maggie-kalomvosaki.com/contact.

Social media:

VIDA fashion line shopping page:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maggie_fashion_line_by_vida/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaggieFashionLinebyVIDA