Linda Peterson, Vocalist, Musician, Songwriter Brings Her Smooth Contemporary Style to the Backstreet Bistro


The Palm Springs, CA, area has become a rapidly changing community, known for its abundance of sunny days, gentle winter weather, and previous inhabitants; (Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore, and former US Presidents; Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan).

Centered in the Coachella Valley, it is a year-round mecca of pleasure for those who enjoy an active lifestyle as well as those who prefer to relax amongst the backdrop of the mountains and beautiful trailing, inflorescent bougainvillea.

Just 15 minutes from Palm Springs is the small and thriving Palm Desert, the home of the Backstreet Bistro, a hideaway, and one of the gems of the local area. Upon arrival, attendees receive a welcome greeting from Carlos, the manager. In fact, if you have been there before, he will remember you like an old friend.

Three weeks out of the year in this small, intimate cafe setting, guests enjoy standard American tunes performed by Linda Peterson, vocalist, musician, songwriter, and international recording artist. Linda is a member of the popular Peterson Family of entertainers from Minnesota. She has been performing at the Back Street Bistro every year for a number of years. (Incidentally, the Peterson Family was inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in 2019.)

Linda draws a surprising fan base of locals and people from all over the world, including Bradley from Rome; husband and wife, Gene and Judy Olsen, from Montana; sisters, Emma Diener and Eveline Garcia Rodriguez and several new fans from Los Angeles who felt the three-hour drive to hear Linda was well worth it.

Realtor, Pamela Tinsley who divides her time between Palm Springs and Los Angeles said, “I’m so glad to have a place I can frequent, hear good music, and dine.  In the three weeks that I have been coming to the Backstreet Bistro, I have met such a warm group of people who appear to, for a moment in time and, in spite of the social distancing are having a really good time.” Pamela has decided to make the Bistro her local dining spot where she can invite friends who prefer hassle-free, abundant parking, not too far from downtown Palm Springs to enjoy the delicious food, especially the Sand Dabs.

After Linda’s performance, conversations revolved around the resumption of arts and cultural activities that so many are looking forward to.

At the end of a beautiful afternoon, Linda graciously thanked patrons for attending as they all promised to be there for her next year for an extended residency.

In the meantime, the Backstreet Bistro is open and ready to serve their delicious Italian dishes. The Bistro emphasizes that keeping their guests and team safe is a top priority. Management suggests reservations be made ahead of time.