Feel the Presence of Life

Walk the Turtle 🐢

Column by Michael D Aloia 05-30-2021

Within the distance beyond the veil of time, we hear the faint sounds of yesterday’s lives cast into realms of generations of families free from the flesh and existence of this world.

To comprehend the simplicity of everlasting life is to feel the presence of life inside our soul, and to behold the majestic purpose bestowed within the depths of our spirit and mind’s eye.

As the emergence of dawn begins a new day, a lunar eclipse casts a shadow upon the heavens and gives color to the blood red moon as we slowly move into the spiral motion of our unique journeys.

Basic observations and truths begin to develop by our thought processes and emotions felt during the conceiving of wisdom and knowledge held by the entity of our conscious understandings and insight.

Walk the turtle toward your desires of heart. Give yourself completion of purpose by opening the doors of illusion, and walk by faith with the gift of dreams held inside the freewill of hope and grace signified by the hand of fate.

Inspired by God. ✝

Photo by Samuel Austin on Unsplash