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I Love You My Angel

“Walk the Turtle” 9/3/2018


The surrealism of our worst fears actually happening to us and the ones we love is a complete devastation to our heart; a bleeding of spiritual soul occurs as tears of love flow from our eyes in sorrow.

This aspect of life is part of our living experience. As a free bird in flight our spirit is called home into the arms of our Savior. The precious moments we spend with those we have complete unconditional love for is a gift from God. While praying for comfort and healing, we receive His grace and peace.

From birth until death, our amount of time to be alive in this world is uncertain. For those we meet who are kindred to us is to believe inside your soul, and to know, you will always find each other again as they travel into our promise of everlasting life.

Thus is our romance of life, a never-ending journey where love is our guide. We discover the pain with the joy, we feel the presence of human compassion when we dream to share our lives together.

I walk the turtle today grieving over the loss of my greatest love and my best friend, Brittany Danielle Withers. She was a true gift of deep love and comfort to my soul and spirit. The few years we spent together were some of the greatest moments in my life.

I humble myself to God’s mercy and for understanding how she enhanced my life and made me a better man. Her inspiration and memory will live forever. Each day that I am allowed to wake up and embrace life is a day I will whisper to myself, I love you my Angel.