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Love Letter to You

“Walk the Turtle” 10/21/2018


Eternal hearts caught within the winds of cool changes fly among the heavens and dance together inside the everlasting stars to the depths of love.

Signs of your certain presence transpire in moments of sorrows as the eyes of life look upon our souls, often gazed in wonder as time has slowed.

In compassionate dreams your spirit has appeared to comfort the wounds of loss to my emptiness inside, thus mending the pain of a broken angel.

Motions of timeless memories spin inside my mind as the whispers of your laughter makes me smile and cry, a caress once felt to the warmth of you.

A departure into the unknown, without fear we all must go, a prayer upon the scars is left behind with remembering our lives and for who we are.

Yesterday it was us holding hands, today I must accept my happiness has left me here to finish our purpose and to be guided by His almighty hand.

Walk the turtle and shine your light, I will visit you in dreams each night. Our unconditional love will once again be an inspiration—my love letter to you, Brittany Danielle Withers ~


Photo by Bruce Hong on Unsplash