Make Your Bathroom More Serene

Your bathroom should be a relaxing space. It’s somewhere you can unwind after a long day at the office or pamper yourself when life is getting stressful.


But while we’d all love a Jacuzzi tub, dual sinks or a massive rainfall shower, not all of us have the budget (or the landlord) that would allow for such major renovations.

Luckily, those aren’t your only options. Want to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank — or the walls? Try these quick and affordable changes:

Add a piece of art. Serene landscapes, peaceful watercolors, and other designs can instantly transform a drab bathroom.

Pro tip: Use a removable adhesive to hang things if you don’t want to leave any holes in the wall.

Bring in more storage. Who doesn’t want everything to be more convenient? Shower caddies, drawer and cabinet organizers, baskets and ladder racks are all great options.

Pro tip: You can even get a bathtub tray to stow books, magazines and more for the next time you step in for a soak.

Upgrade the atmosphere. Add scented candles to the window sill or bathtub, flowers on the countertop or a lightly scented air deodorizer to give the room a relaxing smell.

Pro tip: Consider adding a bathroom-friendly plant like aloe vera, an orchid or a snake plant.

Invest in a nice linen set. A high-quality set of coordinating towels, washcloths, rugs, and even a shower curtain can do wonders for making a room look more polished.

Pro tip: For even more of an impact, add a complementary soap dish or towel rack too.

Want to make more significant changes to your space? Reach out today for help finding the right property.

Nicole Kasten