MJ Live Is Coming to Savannah


The Alee Shriners is proud to announce that MJ Live, the Nation’s number one Michael Jackson tribute, is coming to the Savannah Civic Center in the Johnny Mercer Theatre on Saturday, September 14, 2019, for a fundraiser event. We are proud to have the extremely talented Jalles Franca as the star performer, the MJ LIVE band and the mega talented MJ LIVE dancers perform for one night. MJ Live performs nightly in Las Vegas, fills theaters worldwide to standing ovations.

MJ Live re-creates all of the energy and excitement that the King of Pop would bring to the stage. Relive the energy, excitement, spectacle and pure joy of the legendary music, dance and fashion that revolutionized music production. Witness the awesome sound, lighting and special effects. Sing along to the greatest hits of all time that are heard throughout the world.

The opening act to this spectacular show is the extremely talented Brian T Shirley; comedian, actor, author, NSAEN online magazine contributor, and Executive Producer of the 3rd Annual NSAEN Online Film Festival.



Jalles Franca Bio

Appearing as Michael Jackson

Jalles Franca moved to the United States from Brazil at the age of 16, to fulfill his dreams as a professional dancer in Las Vegas. At the age of 21 he began a seven year residency as a performer, dancer and percussionist at Studio 54 Nightclub at the MGM Hotel & Casino.

A long time fan of the ‘King Of Pop,’ Michael Jackson, Jalles began imitating the star’s signature dance moves during his routines at Studio 54 and various other venues. Soon after the passing of his idol, Jalles began dedicating his talents to pay tribute to the late Superstar. Jalles has won numerous awards for “Best Michael Jackson Impersonator,” Best overall “look” and “Best Moonwalk.” In addition, December 2018, Franca was honored by the Las Vegas Walk of Stars with his own “Star” on Las Vegas Blvd, you can find it today in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino on the strip. He respects and loves Michael as well as his fans, and it means the world to him to keep the King Of Pop’s legacy alive.