Most Amazing Cycling Routes for Sustainable Travelers


Are you an eco-friendly cycling explorer with a desire to see breathtaking sceneries around the world? Then you absolutely must check out these routes! From peaceful riding by the seaside to extreme mountain biking with awe-inspiring views, these routes can offer it all.

On top of that, you’re using the most sustainable, yet effective means of transport to get by: a bike! Set your own pace and enjoy the wind in your hair while you tour some of the most beautiful places in the world. Hop on your bike and pedal through the most remarkable destinations!

1. Paint the landscapes in China

An inspirational place for many poets and artists is definitely China. Its limestone landscapes and vast rice fields that stretch as far as you can see are remarkable cycling destinations you shouldn’t miss. On this bike tour, not only will you be able to indulge in gorgeous natural scenery, but also explore some of the most distinctive landmarks of China!

From the Great Wall of China, over the Forbidden City all the way to the Terracotta soldier of Xian, you’ll visit some of the world-famous places many people can only dream about. However, the tour doesn’t end there! We’ve saved the best for the last when you’ll cycle through the jaw-dropping landscapes of Yangshuo and truly experience this unique culture.

2. Explore the ruins in Cambodia

Forget about commercial destinations such as Paris, London, and New York. It’s time to experience something extraordinary you’ll remember for a lifetime! Instead of touring cities and visiting underrated sights, you can explore the original ruins in Cambodia! What can you see there?

This two-week trip will take you from the spectacular Angkor complex to the Cardamom Mountains. If you’d like to escape from the crowds and dedicate this trip to your rest, this slow-paced tour will allow you to peacefully paddle through temple ruins, rice paddies, and gorgeous national parks.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

3. Visit Venice of the East- India

Even though the real Venice in Italy is a must-see destination for every explorer, surely not many people gathered up the courage to visit the Venice of the East in India! From Udaipur to Taj Mahal, you’ll be able to experience true Indian culture and tradition first hand.

Why is it called the Venice of the East? Once you set your foot on Udaipur land, you’ll notice a huge network of lakes, rivers, and streams connected throughout the city. However, that’s not stopping you from cycling around and exploring magnificent temples, forts, and palaces. 

4. Relax by the Baltic Sea

Active vacation with a pinch of rest is a perfect experience for many sustainable travelers. From rocky beaches to fairy tale villages and lush nature, in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, you’ll see it all! Also known as the Baltic states, these destinations are ideal for cycling tourism. 

Get ready for time travel, as you’ll get a chance to feel the mystery of medieval times in Tallin’s Old town and bar hop in the cities. Also, you’ll join Route 10 which literally cuts through the Baltic Sea, where you’ll be surrounded by glimmering blue waters from both sides. 

5. Get a taste of culture in South Africa

There’s something quite special about South African culture. This unique experience will leave you breathless and asking for more—and not only because you’ll cycle and taste local cuisine! This 12-day tour starts in the Stellenbosch vineyards with wine tasting having some of the highest-quality beverages in the country.

You’ll cycle through the Karoo desert and take magnificent photographs of orchards in the Koo Valley. One of your stays will be in the lovely Dutch village of Barrydale, so, use this chance to explore the way two cultures merged! End this fascinating tour with whale watching on the coast of the Good Hope.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

6. Peaceful laps around lakes in Central Europe

This list wouldn’t be complete without special European charms. Even though this amazing continent has to offer a wide range of gorgeous and fascinating places, Central Europe has caught our eye! Known for their take on ecology and sustainability, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria are fantastic for cycling tourism.

Whether you’d like to paddle by the lakes and through the magical fairy-tale-like villages, or hop on the e-bike and glide down the road, you’ll surely experience a true form of Nirvana in lush and stunning nature. 

7. Experience rural tourism of Vietnam

Are you ready to tackle new cycling challenges? Then a rural tour from Vietnam to Laos is a quest you should take. This backroad adventure will take you through hill tribes in the Sapa region and glide you down the steep valleys. Why is it so remarkable?

Believe it or not, this trail is not very popular amongst tourists. It’s a demanding challenge that lasts 13 days but will grant you the indigenous experience you’ve always dreamed of. So, stay in traditional villages and finish this exciting tour in French colony Luang Prabang where you’ll discover why is it voted the World’s Top City. 

8. Uncover the mystery of Puglia, Italy

Known for some of the most beautiful landscapes and most interesting history in the world, you surely wouldn’t expect too much mystery from Italy. However, this magnificent country has some surprises coming your way!

Puglia is an intriguing place known as the “city of Trulli”. Tour this distinctive destination on your bike while uncovering the mystery of interesting stone houses with conical roofs. While you’re visiting one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean, don’t forget these 20 important travel tips for a safe and sustainable experience. 

9. Sacred sandstone adventure in Australia

Have you heard about the sacred sandstone of Uluru in Australia? Located in the Kata Tjuta National Park of the Northern Territory, it’s a gorgeous combination of natural beauty and cultural elements of Aboriginal people. Hiking on this sacred and important landmark is highly prohibited! However, cycling around it is still allowed!

A gravel path around the world’s largest monolith is filled with caves and ancient rocks you can explore. However, you need an appropriate and high-quality gravel bike to be able to conquer such terrain! So, opt for the best gravel bikes on the market to be able to complete this adventure.

10. Tour nature in the USA

The USA is more than huge concrete jungles with bright lights and diverse cultures. The States have to offer much more! Believe it or not, their national parks are ideal for cycling from beginners to professionals! It’s a perfect opportunity to spend time with your friend or family while breathing in the fresh air.

If you’re looking for the most beautiful national parks in the US, don’t miss the magnificent Yellowstone or fantastic Kenai Fjords, the national park of Alaska. No matter where you decide to go, each state has to offer gorgeous scenery every landscape lover will enjoy.

In conclusion

During various adventures around the world, your bike is your best friend! Take it on the unforgettable ride where you’ll discover a piece of culture you’ve never known or a place you’ve always wanted to see. 

Don’t be afraid to wander around different trails. There are many rarely explored parts of the world where you can see magnificent landmarks, ancient ruins, and Asian temples you will immediately fall in love with!