Overcome Submission of the Human Spirit


Walk the Turtle 🐢 ✝ 

Column by Michael Aloia 9/6/2020

As we venture toward a new dawn in this age of a transcendent awakening, we prepare our minds to the secrets and unspoken truths that give us perceptions of uncertainties forged upon the deceptions hidden behind the smokescreens of devised detours beyond the comprehension of wonder and innocence felt.

Among the streets of darkness the lost and broken are strengthened by the compliance of understanding to rise as a phoenix from the flames of burnt memories as we gather together with tears of sorrow turned into weeping of happiness from the grace given by our heart’s desire to reach a righteous being.

A time has emerged to our eyes as we witness the extravagant manipulation given to us as the strings of the majestic marionettes behind the veil of dark shadows known inside silence.

We hear whispers of laughter as we lift our heads in salvation to save those fallen by hands of the beast; we unite in faith to expose the lies fed to our thoughts as we learn that the smell of death is the poison we are given.

Walk the turtle with eyes wide open to increase our knowledge of the plan foretold many moons ago. Learn to see and read the signs and overcome the submission of the human spirit as we break free from yesterday.